Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holly Jolly Breakfast with Twin City Ballet Company

 Boy do I ever have a lot of catching up to do!!  This is December 1, the day I decided to stay in town vs go to the St. Jude Marathon.  It was a tough decision, but at the end of the day, I knew I'd made a good decision.
 Any time I spend with my girls is always a good decision!  And in light of the tragedy in Conneticut yesterday, I am sure any of those parents would surely agree.  I just can't imagine sending my own little 5 year old to school, and never seeing her again.  And having Christmas presents wrapped and under the tree.  And an Elf on the Shelf who I moved and was waiting on her to find that afternoon.  And all the dreams I had for her never coming to fruition. So many thoughts about how that would feel.  I truly just cannot imagine.  I am so sorry for those families.  So so senseless.
 But, back to my day with my girls.  And Madi made three!
 When I have three, it typically means I need reinforcements, so JinJin went with me.  We headed to the Civic Center for the Holly Jolly breakfast.
 This is part of the weekend of festivities of the Twin City Balley Company.  It began that morning, where we got to have breakfast with a cast of characters from the ballet...including Emma Lou, the Hershey kiss.
 We arrived really late, but there were 300 kids who came and went, being supplied breakfast and arts and craft projects.
 Ellie ran into one of her friends from school, Bailey.
 Here is a better shot of the Grinch tree.
 And the canvas I contributed to the tree.
 Cindy also had these cute little Grinch, fuzzy-headed ornaments on her tree.
 The girls were doing art projects, to add handprint antlers to Max, the dog.
 And here, Claire, a friend of Emma Lou's, helped Ellie decorate her sugar cookie.

 There were stations set up for all kinds of fun things.
 Here the girls made reindeer food out of oatmeal, Lucky Charms, and stirred it all p with a candy cane.

 This is Miss Lia.  She was one of the featured dancers in the ballet, and she also helps with Ellie's dance class every week.
 I love this picture, and think it might need to be added to an ornament for my tree next year.
 Pau Pau got a little loving from Gabbi.
 (and this picture DID make a 2012 ornament on my tree.  I add a few each year to represent our girls, friends and lives throughout the year.)
 Miss Linda, the company's artistic director, was there to give my girlies a little love too.  One thing my kids are not shy on is LOVE!
 Here Heather took a pic with my girls too.  Her mom is a friend of mine.  I have watched her girls, who are only 15 months or so apart and how that is going to look when my babies are that age.
 Reindeer food station.

 The whole weekend was really cool.  A lot went into the day, from the early morning to the final production that night.
 I took lots and lots of pictures, so stay tuned.  There will be all kinds of Christmas-y activities as blog subjects over the past 2 weeks.  We have had a busy Christmas season, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  WAIT!!! Who is that I see?  Waaaaay up there!???!
 The girls caught a glimpse too!  Hint:  He says HO HO HO!
Stay tuned.... tomorrow will be our visit with Santa!



Zhohn said...

SO ADORABLE! Love all of the pictures.

Very sad for those families also, Mo. So so terrible.

Me The Q said...

They have the Polar Express bell here (I think that is what Ellie is talking about).
If you can't find a sleigh bell anywhere else you can get one of the bigger ones at Macy's*&cm_sp=navigation-_-top_nav-_-search&Keyword=sleigh+bell