Sunday, December 16, 2012

Visiting Santa (expect LOTS of pics!!)

The girls were pretty starry-eyed getting to hang with the cast of the ballet!
Gabbi was having "a moment"!  She had those arms crossed and a pout on her face!
THat's not all that common, but when it happens, she is NOT goin got smile... for nuthin!  But, these two were still ready and raring to get the "backstage tour" promised to them by Angel Grace.
But first, a little fraternization with Emma Lou.
Aha.  Look.  We have a fourth and a fifth position.  Sort of. 

Gabbi only had ONE thing on her agenda!!  MEETING SANTA CLAUS!
I think four might be the best age for meeting Santa Claus.  She knows what she wants, can talk to him, believes in him, is not afraid, and can sit there by herself!  SO precious!!
And they were in deep discussion.  Can you believe she is only asking for one thing?!!  She wants, "Tarzan toys".  Yep.  That's it!
Talk about stab me to the core!!  Poor ol' girl misses her dog!  And I've heard that Tarzan (now called Ringo Starr), is fully potty trained!  WHAT THE....??? I cannot believe that!  We tried.  HARD!  And he also has a "sister" dachsund and apparently they are connected at the hip and he is very spoiled, so I guess all's well that ends well.
Hazel and her family were there to meet the characters too.  She joined Gabs at Santa's lap.
Gabbi really wasn't considering letting anyone else sit in his lap.  She was perfectly comfortable!
And look at how happy she is!
Precious!  So precious.  I LOVE these babies!  I love, love, love being their mama!

Ellie was excited too.  She is specifically asking for a bell from one of his reindeer.  WHAT IS THAT?!

Maybe Santa will have some idea what she is asking for.  Cause Lord knows, I haven't the foggiest!

Ok, ok.  Have you seen enough of my girls with Santa?!  I have to post them all.  I will also need to print a few of these, because I am doing that December Daily scrapbook and these pics MUST be represented.
JinJin and I took Madi with us too on this really fun day.  We did the Holly Jolly breakfast (see yesterday's post), visited Santa and the characters, went to the Christmas parade, then made it to the fireworks and looking at Christmas lights later that night.
Hey!  Look who it is.  It's Brooklynn and Bailey and their friends who were at their painting party!  Nice to see you girls again!
And since Staci was in Memphis representing the fam with TEAMJAKE, I also took a few pics of my single solitary niece.

I think she had a good bit to share with the ol jolly guy, herself.
And then came the backstage tour.  Angel Grace was more than happy to show them the ins and outs of a successful performance!
This would be the dressing room to one group of dancers.

Ellie had already seen the production, so it was kind of cool to see the props that she'd seen on stage, up close and personal.
Aha.  Ellie found a prop that she felt the need to try out.  It was just a matter of time!

And on the way out, we stopped one more time.  Sorry.  This only happens one day a year.  Bear with me here!

OOOOh, that one above might be my favorite.

And then, Ellie has really been on a kick to have she and Gabs use their fingers to show how old they are.  I suppose I'll cherish this one day! 

Whew.  All done.  Bet your glad to see all of those come to an end. 

Hey, I need a few addresses... I've got LOTS of those wrap bracelets ready to send out.  I need the following people's addresses... just email me at  I'm sending out most of the orders tomorrow. 

Dee (snekcip)
Pamela (and Pamela, what word on your bracelet!?)
Nancy (need your order)

Okie dokie.  Does anyone else find it hard to work the last few weeks of the year?  I just want to sleep late, stay in pajamas, listen to carols, turn on the lights on the trees and garland, and chill in the house.  That is not my "typical".  I actually like work.  But this time of year, I become somewhat unmotivated.  I need to get it going!  Have a great week, y'all!



Michelle said...

You got some darling pics of the girls with Santa! I like the ones with the cute little fingers telling how old they are! ;)
I agree, every day is a gift to be celebrated!

Pamela said...

I apologize. I thought I sent a message to Robin earlier this week. And didn't hear back so I thought I was too late. I like Joy or Believe, Dream. Hard to choose a word that describes my reunion with my birth mom. Do you have a suggestion? (This is for her) And I would like it on the silver cross, with the purple ribbon.
So check in the ail in the am.
Thank you so much!! :-)

Pamela said...


Pamela said...

P.S. I love the pictures of the girls!!! Love this season...and the reason!!!

blessedmomof3 said...

Precious, precious pictures! If Ellie is asking for a bell from Santa's reindeer, she has probably watched Polar Express. She literally wants a single jingle bell. "As long as you believe you can hear the bell ring."
Thank you for reminding us to cherish life's moments. We have a new Grandson, Noah, and I plan to make that a priority with him.:)
Merry Christmas!
Leigh Ann

Kathryn said...

Cute pics! We are packing for Orange Beach. Just a few years and we are down there all winter!

Amy K said...

Pure sweetness!

Bj said...

Precious pics Mo....cherish them always.....hugs & Merry Christmas, BJ

Zhohn said...

Such adorable pics! I really can't believe the girls are already four and five! I can always feel the love and excitement in your words when writing about your girls, I am so HAPPY for you and Todd, y'all are wonderful parents!

And yes...we find it hard to actually get work done the last few weeks of the year; we were actually talking about that Friday!

Renee said...

Cute pictures. Didn't realize Tarzan was in another house. I missed that one. And yep, hard to get moving these last couple of weeks.

Sharidrew said...

Never too many pictures!! Great memories!! Your girls are at the perfect age for santa! And like blessedmomof3 said, POLAR EXPRESS!! Even if Ellie hasn't seen it, I'm sure that is what she is talking about. A single jingle bell. Love that movie! My son asked Santa for it a few years ago and we watch it every year!

Oh, and all of that Christmas fun!! It would be a tough decision to make....Memphis or stay in town for all of that fun. May God bless your family during this season!

Hugs from Missouri,

PS. I recieved my "IT IS WELL" bracelet and have worn it almost every day since. LOVE IT!! Thank you so much!!

Lisa said...

Such fun visiting Santa and adorable pictures to treasure forever!
Have a Blessed & Merry Christmas,

charlotta said...

Like the others said it's probably from the Polar Express.....It's a medium sized bell that has a red ribbon tied to it...That movie is our Christmas Eve tradition....Watch the movie while drinking Hot Chocolate( there's a cool hot chocolate song in the movie that my kids dance around too) My Son was 3 at the time and all he asked for was Santa's bell....On Christmas morning he had that bell....He was soooooo excited and now he is 8 and a half and still to this day he has that bell and puts it on the Christmas Tree every year...It was so cute this Christmas when he pulled it out of the tin and put it up to his ear and jingled it....He looked at me and smiled and said "It still works mommy" It melted my heart!!!!

CDearing said...

You should consider taking the girls to Branson next Christmas to ride the Polar Express. My 4 year old granddaughter went last week and loved it. The whole experience was magical! And yes, she came home with her ticket punched and her own jingle bell straight from Santa himself!

Julie said...

One year my daughter had pneumonia on Christmas. We bought 9 jingle bells from a craft store, bought a little sleigh there as well, and put the jingle bells in the sleigh. We then wrote her a get well letter from the reindeer and left it by her stocking. She was absolutely blown away! I don't know if that jingle bell would work for Ellie, but maybe?

The girls are beautiful. I live just minutes from Branson and while I've not done the Polar Express, I have heard it's wonderful. Silver Dollar City is so beautiful this time of year as well. Just don't go on a Saturday during December. LOL Crazy crowds.

snekcip said...

Don't feel bad! I took TONS of Santa pics myself. Bre and the grands has seen over 4different Santas and even a MRS CLAUS!!!

PS I have not been in blogland the past week. I just emailed you my address.

snekcip said...

PS...I agree...Ellie is probably talking about the POLAR EXPRESS BELL. I took Bre and the grandkids this year and it was the most memorable thing ever!!! Bre kept asking "when are those men gonna start dancing on the train"!! She knows that movie INSIDE AND OUT!!!

snekcip said...

PSS Bre and THE GRANDS got to meet Santa, beautiful BELLS, tickets punched by the conducter, and a hot cup of cocoa after the trainride. COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!!