Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ellie Sue's artwork

 Ok, so let's start with some good test papers.  As you know, sometimes we have to have a little retreat back to randomness from the 4000ish photos that are on my iPhone!
 So, Ellie is not only "Ellie" on her paper.  She is "Ellie.. Table of Leader #5"  which I think can be deciphered in to, "Ellie.  Leader of Table #5".  And this is on the top of her test paper.
 And thankfully, her teacher, Mrs Gaskin, just totally overlooks when she decides to be "Allie".  Or Ellia.  Or lately, even, Elliem.
 Ok, since we were talking about letting kids do their own work yesterday, I thought I'd share some of the pictures I've taken in the last few weeks of Ellie's papers I find lying around all over the place.
 I've been thinking of buying a "Neat Desk" as seen on TV!  Has anyone used one of these?  I have to do something with the mounds of pictures Ellie draws on a daily basis.  And I know kid number two will want to start showering me with all of hers soon too.
 For now, I just shoot a pic of them and toss them.  Well, some of them.  (Please note the sequence of happy face photos by ,"Ellie Groves", "Allie Groves", and "Colo Grove"s.  I am wondering if she wasnt' watching The Voice and tried to spell Celo!?
 And here are a few messages she had hanging on our fridge the other day.  Seems she left out her sister.  But never fear, She loves Lizzie!

 Oh, and here is one I did for her.  This is for "D" day at school.  Remember how we have to send a show and tell item or items each week for the letter of the week?  Well, we were stumped for "D" week.  So, mom jumped to the rescue.
 Each character has a little something that makes him unique, i.e. Willie holding a heart with his wife, Kori's, name on it.
 And because I was first trying to get her to do the drawing herself, I was showing her a very simplistic version of how to do their faces, with a few distinguishing characteristics, like WIllie's headband, and Si's hat.
 Ok, back to Ellia's artwork.  This has been taped to Todd's mancave door for a few months.
She cannot leave a paper alone!!  If she can write on it, it is as good as "wasted".
 She'll put a single stroke on a perfectly good piece of cardstock.  It's like it beckons her pen!  It drives me BANANAS!!  I am a paper HOARDER!
 I actually kept thisone.  I think it is so cute that this picture she got in her dance bag from dancing last week was colored and she wrote, "Madi" and "Ellie".  Although, her spelling is a little off and one letter is backwards.  It is still all hers.
 I really liked this one a lot.  I love that she did this colorful rainbow then cut it out in its arched shape. I think I might have to keep this one too!
 I have a bunch of chipboard mini scrapbooks that this smart little kid takes apart and uses as stencils for her designs.  In this case, a chipboard house.  Then, she embellishes them with her own, shall we say, "flare"?!
 And I instagrammed this one two days ago.  I am not sure what that is eating its way up Ellie's leg, but I think it's Tarzan.  (I asked her later and she confirmed that it was!).  I love each of our hairclips!  And she said that was "color blocking" on my dress (far right).  Lawdy!
 Looks like a peanut with legs.   Just sayin.
 Another nice independent use of a stencil, then add a design to that boring original.  You go, girl!
 And yet another nice self portrait.  Thanks, Ellie for the slim figure and a hot little maxi skirt.  Strapless top, might I add?!  Madi has some KNOCKERS!

 And finally, I found these on the counter last night.  I LOVE that snowman!  I wish it was on a page by itself, because I might have had it framed.  And do you think the kid has too many monogrammed things?  Only my kid draws a Santa hat, puts "Ellie Sue" on the bottom, and "EGS" on the top, understanding that the big G is in the middle!  ATTAGIRL! Oh.  And let's not forget that she is now writing cursive! After all, she IS five years old!
 And lastly, this is "Gabbi, on a stepstool, picking apples".  Well, duh!  That's exactly what it looks like to me!
 A close up of the step stool!  And MAN what a BOW on her head!?  I love it!  I love that she thinks enough of her sister to have her as the subject of her artwork!
So there you go... 20+ reasons to NOT alter your kids' artwork!  It is perfect just the way it is!!



kimybeee said...

no doubt ellia will be famous some day and we can all say we knew her when she was good ol ellie sue groves lol lol

Zhohn said...

She's AWESOME! Her Duck Dynasty pic is great. I can't believe she can write in cursive.

Love all of her names ;)

Becky said...

That girl is a HOOT!!!

Amy K said...

Gotta love that girl! SO creative.

Beverly said...

Love that art work!!!!! Why don't you frame the snowman blocking out the other stuff with a mat? I love the snowman. Ellie is a precious, unique little girl and we all love her.

Cherry said...

Tell Ellie Sue to draw me a Christmas picture and bring to me next weekend....

Theresa Shirley said...

Man--her artwork is fantastic!! She is just full of so much personality (of course, I wouldn't know WHERE she would get that I love your pic of the Duck Dynasty folks. I love that show. Just watched it last night. I think it's cool that you know them. Thanks for sharing with us! :)

snekcip said...

"tarzan" crawling up the leg is by far my FAVORITE! I had to screenshot it and show it to my daughter!! She thought it was hilarious as well. I love KID ART!! I have saved a picture of "me" that Bre has drawn. I have LONG MODEL LEGS and ARMS protruding from near my ears, dangly earrings and a figure that would make the envy of many!! HA!!!

Good job on the cursive writing Ellie!!! The girl is going to be artfully talented I do believe!!

Julie said...

Ok, so I am sitting here all by myself laughing my butt off. She is such a tiny girl with such a big personality. Thanks so much for sharing, Mo. It has to do your heart good that she is so incredibly talented!

Lisa said...

Wow! She is so artistic (of course!) and has fantastic fine motor skills!

Riley said...

I am so impressed with Ellie's talents! It will be so fun to see her continue to develop and grow up. There is no telling where she will be in 5 or 10 years.

I especially love her tall skinny girl pictures!

Renee said...

That girl has some seriously good penmanship. Keep it up E!