Monday, December 10, 2012

Festival of Trees.. Twin City Ballet Company

Once again this year, I participated in the Twin City Ballet Company's Festival of Trees.  This is where volunteers go in and decorate a tree in a theme to be auctioned off as a fundraiser the following weekend.  My theme this year was "Handmade".  Breanna and I teamed up, because we knew, if we stayed in our strength zones (mine being paint ane jewelry, and hers being fabric and paper), we could make a bang up tree!
This tree was F.U.L.L of handmade jewelry, felt ornaments, fabric ornaments, cuff bracelets, canvases, etc.
I estimated the value of the tree to be over $1000.  And THEN... we added a photo session donated by a local photographer (Broussard), several stamped "mother's necklaces" donated by a local store (Serendipity), a handpainted child's teaset (thanks to Kimie), a couple of cool items ready for personalization with applique (a tote bag and a tee shirt), also Breanna added a complete party package with hats, banner, cupcake holders, straws, etc... see her new website, .  Breanna also made handmade bibs, handtowels, and an awesome felt garland.
This year, instead of 40+ trees, we scaled back to 12 trees. Because of that, we knew we had to really amp up each tree.  They were called "destination trees", and most of the trees included a trip to a cool place, i.e. beach themed tree with a condo attached that sleeps 10.  And a ballet tree that included free private dance lesson and 8 front row recital seats (valuable!). 
There was also a Zen tree which included free yoga lessons for three months, a year family membership to a popular health club (MAC), and lots of yoga bags, clothes, etc.
Would you believe, Emma Lou's friend, Piper, really wanted my tree and it went for a hefty price tag to her parents, Bart and Heather, who are lifelong friends of Todd and me.
See that little fabric reindeer ornament?  One of my faves!! You reading this, Bre?  Hook a sistah up!
My whole office crew got in on the action.  Emery made these really cute little burlap trees with fabric and button trim.  All of the peeps at MMPT made paper ornaments like busy little elves.
There were 8 of these stamped metal bracelets on our tree too.  I kind of  "sold" our tree based on the fact that if you bought the tree, you'd get a tree full of fun ornaments AND most of your Christmas gifts have been bought. I mean, like, 30 or so gifts... ready to rock!
Look at that sweet little bird ornament and a yarn wreath.  This tree was exciting! 
Ok, let me tell you about a few other trees.  This one, by my friend, Judy Cousans and our darling CoCo and KK, was called the "Kid tree".  It included several birthday parties from local hot spots.  It had children's clothing gift certificates, a Vera Bradley overnighter bag from the Trenton House, a party at our Children's Museum, and a kids' photo shoot with Albritton's Photography. 
I'll be honest, I never really go the information on this tree.  Sorry.  What a let down, right?!
This is Paula, Tashia, and Angie's "Tween tree".  It had all kinds of MAC and Bare Mineral make up on it, as well as iTune cards, gift cards from Forever 21, and movie passes.  Loaded down with cool things for tweens/ teens.
I hate to even show this pitiful little tree.  This is the beginning of the LSU tree.  ONce we got all the "fun" stuff added, it became quite fabulous.  Emery helped me get this one ready to sell.  It also came with private pitching lessons from an LSU alumnus who was a pitcher there in college.  As well as tickets to a game.  (I think).
This one ended up going for more than any other.  It was our Duck Dynasty tree.  I love the cattails coming out of the top!  It had signed goodies from the Duck Commander folks, decoys, camo gear, an ice chest, all kinds of duck calls.  Can I get a "whoop whoop", cause we ended up getting $5000 for this puppy!
This is pretty classic... there were even gift certificates for sweet tea, because if you are a fan, you know Uncle Si is a pretty big tea drinker!   OH, did I mention he autographed two of his famous Tupperware cups for this even as well?!

Above is the ballet tree, and below is the Zen tree.  They creatively dismantled the tree and used the branches to make figures in various yoga poses. 

This is the cute little chalkboard (Breanna, it's at my house!), that we used to detail ALLLL the items that were on our tree.
The entire event was HIGHLY successful!  We raised over $32,000 in 30 minutes!  YES, SERIOUSLY! 

And look at that cute little tree topper... Kim from West Virginia, who reads my blog and FB friend, responded to my cry for help on handmade things and made the cutest little primitive Santa to sit atop the tree in all its glory.  Thanks, Kim!
THis is Cindy's Grinch tree.  The ballet this year was "Where are you, Christmas" with the theme being basically, the Grinch.  I painted the canvas atop the tree, and Cindy and her mama stuffed the Grinch's buttocks and legs!
I am forever amazed at the generosity of people.  Thank to all the people who volunteered their time and energies, as well as offered up creative ideas. Thanks to all of our local businesses who donated items.  And thanks to the people who came and bid on the trees.  It was a really great night, followed by a really great performance by our Twin City Ballet Company!



Mbeaty19 said...

Love this. I have always enjoyed seeing the trees that are created for this special event. So happy you posted this. Great read on a day I'm sick and needed something to make me special.

kimybeee said...

looks great - you are very welcome. i have been waitin to see these pics for a while!

ilove the duck commander tree - very awesome of them to support you guys!

snekcip said...
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snekcip said...

Loved all of them!! My favorite were in this order:




Very creative!! Thanks for the tour Mo!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Well, thanks a lot, Dee. Since my hard work didn't make your top 3!

Zhohn said...

They are all beautiful but I LOVE your tree! I'm a sucker for homemade fhings! The tween tree would be my next favorite.

Sounds like it was an amazing night!

Mary said...

Love this! I look forward to it every year! :)