Friday, December 7, 2012

Buffalo Wild Wings with the Cuz

Hey hey hey!  We got a new restaurant!!  Buffalo Wild Wings!
So, we HAD to go try it!!  We called JinJin and Staci and Madi to meet us there.  I love a lazy Saturday with not much going on, where we can just chill and all eat lunch together.
Gabbi Girl is going to be sitting by her mama... don't you even second guess that!
And check this out... she can write her name now.  It's getting better and better.  As is her pencil grip.  and gross motor skills.  And she now knows many of her beginning sounds (phonics).  YAY!

It's a rare thing for me not to L.O.V.E. fried pickles.  They do some sort of cornbread-y batter.  And it's not my favorite thing.  But, I still liked the place.
Of course, we insisted that the girls take a little posey pic outside.  Gabbi wanted everyone to hold hands.
She didn't win with that.  The big girls did NOT want hands held at all.
So, then I said, "Everyone stick your tongues out."
"Now make a sad face."

"Ok.  NOw everybody show me your mean face."
and finally.... "say CHEEEEESE."
I used my PicFrace app and ta daaaaah.
Ok, I have a few more bracelet orders and plan to GET BUSY this weekend; with jewelry AND canvases.  I look forward to our cold snap coming in.  Hot chocolate with whipped cream...  Here we come.


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Renee said...

Can't believe how tall Madi has gotten. Loving all the boots. All 3 of those girls are always so stylish.