Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving lunch with the Kindergarteners.

I swear I get so confused nowadays over what I have and have not blogged about.  I upload so many pictures, and then, I typically put one photo on instagram or FB and totally forget whether or not I've posted on them, when I upload the whole group of pics.  It's always confusing because I recognize that "one" that I had previously singled out for my FB post or whatever.  Man, social media can be so overwhelming!  ha! 

Ok, so I looked back, and as a matter of fact, NO I did NOT post yeat on Ellie's Family Thanksgiving lunch at her school.  So, here goes...
All the parents were not only invited, but also encouraged to come and eat with their kids.
Ellie was one lucky little girl.  She had her mama and daddy, her JinJin and her Pops!!
The Groves kid needed her own end of a table!  And by "end of a table", I DO mean the cafeteria table!  Yep.  We ate cafeteria food!  And it was dang good!
All the kids had colored their Indian smocks, but Ellie took it to a whole new level.  I was cracking up at my kid who was wearing the only "red" smock!
This was a rare treat to have Pops come to the lunchroom to eat with Ellie.  She was really digging all that attention!
Todd and crew even followed the leader to wash his hands in the schools basin at the entrance to the cafeteria!
Oh yeah, I forgot, Crystal Gayle came too.  Oh, wait!  That's Gabbi Girl.  (That girl has got some H.A.I.R.!!)
So, we went on in, and waited in a long line for our Thanksgiving feast of turkey and dressing.
This is one of Ellie's friends (and our neighbor), Kenner.  His smock was more of the typical type I saw.  Unlike that red one.  But interestingly, most of the kids also had a beaded necklace like Kenner's.  Ellie only had about three beads on hers.  I asked her why, and she said, "I like it like this."  Welllll, ok then! 
And this is one of Ellie's friends, Avery.  She also just moved into the neighborhood.  When they get a little older I can see some carpooling going on!  Yeah baby!
I took a picture of the cafeteria ladies.  It's been quite a while since I ate in an actual school cafeteria, so I needed to capture the entire experience.
I think overall, it was a true success.  Ellie had lots of proud family members present.  And next year, we will likely do it all over again, for my Gabbi Girl.  But not totally sure on that one yet.  She has a late birthday, so we might be holding her back a bit.  Decisions, decisions.
Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving. 



Zhohn said...

Making memories! Love it. I'm sure Ellie was extremely happy with all the guests!

Crystal Gayle... I laughed out loud, but yes, your Gabbi has some hair, it's beautiful.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Your little Ellie could not have looked more proud - just precious! And I love that your parents were there too, making it extra special for her.
When my oldest had her first dance recital, I asked my Mother-in-Law & Father-in-Law to come with us and I was told: "I've seen enough dance recitals in my life" - IMAGINE. Really hard to believe, but true......just plain old sad. At least my Mother was there (and would have sat there for three weeks straight if it called for that - never complaining.)
I just love reading your blog & seeing what your two litle dolls are up to. Keep up the good work & I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
Take care,
Diana from Colorado

Renee said...

I work at a primary school and the Feast day is quite popular at our school too. Looks like you enjoyed your lunch and Ellie was proud as a peacock.

kimybeee said...

sweet!!! we were able to do that all through elementary school.

my kids are two years apart and we know several people that have kids just one year apart and i think most will agree that putting two years between them is good for many reasons. and i would totally hang onto that sweet gg another year!!! let her keep growing in her momma's therapy programs and she will be ready to hit the big time on her own pace!!

ready for some christmas pics!!