Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cousin Luv

With our little vacay from school last week, we spent LOTS of time with Madi Boo!  Madi and Ellie go to different schools now, so we don't get to see her quite as much as we used to.  But ANY time I offer, Ellie JUMPS at the opportunity to have her cousin come over to play.
I believe this is right about the time they decided to start drawing all over my sidewalk leading into my front door.... WITH CRAYONS.  Will that come off? 
Anyway, I had a really close in age cousin, and I can remember vividly (and that's amazing, because I remember very little), our riding our bikes down her street in Olla, LA!  She and I still draw each other's names every year at Christmas.  She was my closest cousin.  That is until Thanksgiving Day this year.  Cherry became my best cousin.  (*ha... you still reading the blog, Cherry?!!)
At any rate, I am glad these two are forming such a bond and have from day one.
The first day of the break, I actually got out of my pajamas and took them to buy lots and lots of crafts.  I KNEW that would be a wise move for me in the long run!
We painted ceramic angels (both of them called their's "Jake" and painted their hair blond, as well as wrote 2012 on it.  Has she learned a little lesson from her mama?  We document everything! 
My favorite cousin, Cherry, also told me about reindeercam.com, so we had to check that out too.  THis is where Santa comes out to feed his reindeer three times a day. 
Here, I caught these cousins first thing in the morning, peeking in to see if Santa was about to arrive.  I got lots of comments on that rat's nest in the back of Madi's hair.  I think most people assumed on FB that that was Ellie and the top was Gabs.  Nope.  Gabbi went to spend the night with her bestie, Kimie, and Ellie and Madi had some mama time.  Poor ol Madi has some CRAZY hair... especially in the morning.  Staci can't do her hair without a water bottle involved!  My girls' hair are both straight as a board.
Okie dokie.  Back to reality. If you are up early, check me out on KNOE this morning, promoting the Ballet Company's Festival of the Trees.  I have to be at the station at 6:00am.  So I gotta get crackalackin.   Have a great Tuesday.



Zhohn said...

Good luck this morning.

I love cousins!! Glad they were able to spend some time together ;)

Cherry said...

Love my favorite cousin....

snekcip said...

Love the COUSIN CONNECTION. We have a strong "connection" here as well. Want to know more about the Santa cam, Bre would get a kick outta that. Especially since "ELVIN" our ELF ON THE SHELF is about to make his debut. Happy Tuesday Mo!

Riley said...

You were up SUPER early just like me Mo!! I have been wondering about that instagram pic since you posted it. It makes much more sense knowing that is Maddie's crazy hair.

Marcia said...

I always enjoy your pics and commentary! You really know how to tell a story!

Mbeaty19 said...

Growing up my cousin, Brad was a month older than me and we lived across a cornfield from each other. Needless to say we were together a lot. Nothing like the bond of cousins. Truly believe the saying "God made us cousins because he knew our mothers couldn't handle us as siblings"

Love that Madi & Ellie are able to have a relationship like that. Glad Madi was there to help entertain also so you were able to get a 'break' every once in awhile.

I know all about wild hair and needing a water bottle every time. My niece is the same way (I'm thankful for my boys)

Loving the pictures!!!

Amy K said...

Cousins are the best, especially when you're an only child for the first 10 years of life!