Friday, November 23, 2012

My girlies and our break.

Sorry I've been a blogger slacker.  I have been doing a whole lot  of this....
And by this, I mean tee shirts and house shoes.  This week, I've thoroughly enjoyed being home with my girlies.  If I am being perfectly honest, it is easier when Ellie is home to have someone with her.  For that reason, I've also had Madi a couple of days and nights this week.  They destroy a house, but at least I don't have to be the sole entertainment which means I can get something accopmplished. 
And then there's Emma.   She is a LIFESAVER!!  Ellie worships the ground she walks on, so when she comes over, there is major respite!!  Ellie is one of those kids, too, who thinks there has to be a constant project, activity, or playmate  (Wonder where she gets THAT from?!).  It is really tiring to keep her stimulated. 
Gabs on the other hand is just kind of along for the ride.  Literally. 
If things are getting a little dull, she'll head to her room and just put in a movie, climb in her "cozy bed" and chill a while.  That ONLY works for her older sister if I am lying right beside her.  If I try to pull the ol' "I'm just gonna go get on my pajamas" routine, she is following me and finding me within 2 minutes. 

I've watched a whole lot of Tarzan and quite a bit of Mulan and Pocahontas.  Whew.  I'm princessed out!  (our Disney trip is scheduled; however, so I am ready for the trivia!)
Niiiiice, Emma Lou!
I also got about 3 large canvases completed, and somewhere around 4 commisioned medium sized ones started.  I have about 5 or so smaller ones that I am keeping unpersonalized if someone needs a Christmas gift.  I have a snowman, a LA Tech logo, a Santa Claus, and a larger polka dot Believe and a small polka dot Believe.  I'll probably post them in the coming week.  I just got to painting and couldn't' stop! 

I also got LOTS of handmade ornaments painted for our tree we are doing for the ballet company fundraiser.  And they are so cute, if I do say so myself.  I even convinced (didn't' take much convincing, really), my cousins to partake in handmade ornament painting yesterday after our Thanksgiving Day lunch.   
Well, we have two more days of vacay!  Hope you all make the most of it.  I know I will.  I have gifts to wrap!!  Woo hooooooo.



kimybeee said...

glad to see you rest, relax and make art!!! i know how much you cherish your girlie time!!!

Ness said...

Can't find any info on Jake's thing in Memphis in a week. I tried all the websites you have posted on your blog. Any info, like where you will be in Memphis, etc. will be appreciated as we have only driven through Memphis once on our vacation. Would love to finally put faces to Jake's wonderful family, aunts and uncles and grandparents. You can email me at Thanks

Zhohn said...

Fun times! Glad you and the girls had a nice week.

Beth E. said...

I'm glad you've been taking a break...blogging can wait, you're making some special memories with your girls! :-)

Emily said...

I feel your pain with Ellie's need to be "entertained". Shelbi was always that way too! She was NEVER one of those kids you could just plop in front of the tv for a bit-she had to be entertained constantly!