Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mel and Paula in Shreveport

Two weekends ago, we took a little trip to Shreveport to hang out with a few couples and watch teh LSU/Alabama game together. 
The first day, Paula and I got up and went on an adventure on our own!  We stopped at a fancy little restaurant and ordered, "ceviche' ".  Have you had that?! Well, I hadn't.  But Paula just got back from Cabo recently and she said they had ceviche' every day. Apparently, it can come in all different forms.  This one had scallops and grilled shrimp and was heavily drizzled with lime.  And it was AWESOME!! 
For our main meal, we just settled on some homemade guacamole, made at the table.  We opted to eat chips and salsa and made little mini nachos, adding our delish ceviche' (which by the way I have no idea how to spell) to each chip.  We felt like we were making art with each bite.
We found this really cool store called "Altar'd State".  Have you heard of it?  I LOVED it!!
In fact, all this talk about ceviche' and that store are kind of making me want to go back!

and as usual,  you KNOW that I LOVE a good adventure.  And even better with your bestie.  The bestie who I would immediately think of when I see a sign like this....
So, Todd, do you read my blog?  If so, I found all these great gift ideas.  FOR ME!!
I'll take just about any one of these fragrances.
Or this one.  I've had this brand of candle before, and I love how it makes my whole house smell good.
And I have found that I LOVE currant smell.  That candle called Votivo, and the fragrance is Red Currant, is one of my very faves!

Ok, so I also have a thing for the entire line, "natural life".  I love just about everything they do!  These are just clothespins that they have apparently screened to make fancy schmancy.  I took a picture of them, because I like the idea of making some of my own.  They'd make a great way to display artwork of my kids or the art classes.
I liked this design.  The quote is cool too, but I really liked the color scheme.  I take many a photo of things that inspire me.  I have a whole file of them on my computer for when I am uploading photos from my iphone of things I have captured here, there, and yon. 
I thought about it a long time, but finally bit the bullet and took this cute little purse home with me.  On this super awesome lucky day, everything in the store was buy one, get one half off, so I also got my Mary Allison a smaller gold one for when she goes to LSU next year.
And while I was over there in Shreveport, (an hour and a half away from home), I saw this vehicle, with "believe" on it.  HEY!!  That's a Jake "believe" from 2005ish.  That's pretty cool, huh?
And then I saw this scarf that I really, really wanted, but I refrained.
I did not; however, refrain from these! 
Paula and I found a sweet little bakery in the same shopping center at which we spent approximatley the whole day.
I took a few pics of these cute macaroons, because I thought they'd make nice marketing packages for the docs who refer to us.  I don't even think I've ever had a macaroon, but they sure are cute.  And the packaging is killer.
We couldn't decide so we got three and did a little sampler style.  Dontcha love a friend like that?!   One who GETS "samplers"!!
So that's the first part of our day.  Later, we all met back at the hotel to have a big par-tay and watch our tigers play.
More on that tomorrow. 
I feel the need to make everyone aware that I am officially OFF work this week! I have already worked a 1000 piece puzzle (stayed up til 3 am last night, but I got er done in a single sitting).  I've done about 12 or so canvases.  I have had only a few commissions this season, and I am determined to get them completed prior to the full onslaught of the holdiays.  I bought some favorite magazines and bought groceries that me and the girls won't mind eating this week.  Think hot chocolate, cereal, sausage and cheese, and just sit around and veg kind of food.  I'll make time to listen to some of my personal growth stuff, do some actual day planning for "order" and of course, I have a few dates with Pinterest.  I also want to start getting my scrapbook prepared for my December Daily book .  The girls and I will be making art, making homemade ornaments, watching new DVD's, and generalized chillin'!    I CANNOT wait! I  actually can't remember the last time I took a week off for no real reason.  If  I'm off a week, I am typically out of town.  But not this time... nope.  We are doing the HOME thang!!  Have a great Thanksgiving week.



Zhohn said...

Woo hoo, enjoy your week!!! I want to see some canvases, we don't see much of your art work often anymore (don't know how you even have time!!! But love seeing it).

Can't wait to see/read what you and the girls do this week.

You and Paula remind me of me and my bestie! ;)

melinda marie said...

hey mo! guess what? the owner of voluspa lives across the street from my sister in southern california! small world, eh?
love, bauer's mama mel

Amy K said...

That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the week. Good for you and your girlies! ENJOY!

Sandy P said...

Good for you Mo. It is great for you and the girls.

Emily said...

That clothespins line is carried at the mall in the store that used to be Rave(near the cookie company). If you havent been in there you MUST go-CUTE stuff. That saying you like is in there on a t-shirt in the back.

Lisa said...

Have a fantastic week and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Joan said...

I have two of those Huckleberry candles...I got mine at Anthropoligie.

jenny said...

Have a wonderful week at HOME, Mo! Home should be a haven and you should get some time now and then to enjoy it. God bless.

snekcip said...

I'm proud of you Mo!! You GO GIRL!!! No wait....don't take that LITERAL....not that kinda "GO"!!

Stay put...but enjoy the girls! Happy Thanksgiving Massey Family!! :)

kimybeee said...

happy thanksgiving!!!! enjoy your week!