Monday, November 19, 2012

LSU/ Alabama game

Ok, so the culmination of our weekend in Shreveport was gathering at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel to watch the big game on the big screen.  Typically, as you know, we have all the LSU games on the tube at our house.  But, as this was a "big one", we decided to make it an event.
When Paula and I returned from our shopping trip, the boys were already downstairs in the lobby area, dressed and ready for the action.  They'd been playing golf all day.
They were easy to spot... all purple, white and gold.
and so the girls decided to play catch up and met for a pre game cocktail ourselves.
Here are me, Paula, and Kori, a friend who moved across the river, so we just don't get to see her as much as we once did.
The entrance to the dome area had an arch of balloons over it, half purple and gold and half red and white.  (Booo)
And by par-tay, I mean PAR-TAY!!
I think 100's of people had the same idea!  HEY!  It's Will Blackwell, LSU player and a West Monroe High School graduate.
So, here's our spot. 

And here's our immediate crew. 
Paula and I were feeling pretty fly apparently, since we were into taking all these "selfies".
Well, hello there!  If it isn't us again!!
Oh!  HI!  ANd now one with flash!
and just in case we'd not been seen, let's instagram one.  Ha.  I am cracking myself up.  And I have a strong widow's peak on my forehead. Just sayin'!
We had others join in on the fun as the night went on.  Here are the Fontenots.
And Mr. Hamel and Jackie.
All we were really supposed to be interested in was this big screen and the game at hand.  After all, it would likely be the result of a birth to the national championship game.  Who knew that then.. but now... with Notre Dame and Oregon falling... wow!

Oh look.  Here I am again. I usually edit all of these out, but for some reason tonight, as I am typing, I am amused by them, so... enjoy!
These are the new boots I bought while out on our spree earlier in the day.
The following morning, there was a more sobering feeling (literally and figuratively).  We lost so the mood was not as perky, but we certainly made time to have a little breakfast before hitting the road.
I-20 East bound.
AHhhhh... Indian Lakes.  The view in our neighborhood!
Ahhhh... the neighbor's fence.
Ahhhh... home sweet home.
It was a fun little quickie weekend.  And it was fun to spend it with good friends.  Just wish dang Alabama hadn't made a last minute sprint to the finish line!  :(


Mbeaty19 said...

Looks like you had a great and quick weekend. Like always you pack so much fun in such a little amount of time. I think that's what great about reading your blogs. How much you share and how much there is to share. Loving it.

Hope you are enjoying your staycation and letting those creative juices flow. Can't wait for the next blog post

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful week "off"!! Miss you at therapy

Amy K said...

Fun times!

Mary said...

Love it!

Shannon said...

Whatever happened to the balcony thing on the front of the house? I'm sure there's a proper name for it - ha!
Love that you have such great friends to spend time with.

Renee said...

We (LSU) should have sooooo won that game. Go Tigers!