Thursday, November 15, 2012

A week in the life of.... Fri, Nov. 9th

Oooohhh man!  I got my stash in from !!  I LOVE Emie's stuff!!  And so does Ellie, believe it or not.  She actually wore that Indian shirt two days in a row this week!  Whoop!!
And I added "Ellie Sue" and "Gabbi Lou" which makes me really happy!
Because Ellie decided to go with "Ellia" or "Elliem" or "Allie", but no "Ellie Sue", I get pretty happy to use those two names whenever I can!
and look at these monogram shirts... oh, I DIE!
This is the outfits Miss Priss and Mini Me chose for last Friday.  I am quite sure you are ready for my week in review to be over with.  I know as I LIVED through THIS week (and am preparing for an UNPLANNED WEEK OFF next week), I have had an even busier one this week!!  I for sure am glad that I wasn't recording the play by play this week.  That was mental exhaustion!

Here I am at work.  This is Dylan.  He's been coming to PT with me for about a year.  If you can, pray for Dylan's sight.  It'd be so awesome if he could see! 
And here's my girl, Anastasia.  She, too, could use prayers for vision.  And for brain healing, in general.  (Dylan too)

This was the first day I'd ever seen her sit by herself!

I got home and Todd had this bif sucker standing!  Go, Todd!
I kind of just started sticking things places, and started entertaining my three girls.  As you can tell, we inherited a guest.

Ellie LOVES it when Madi comes over to hang out.  SHe ended up spending the night with us.

But she couldn't stay with us on Saturday for the big fall festival at school!
(awww... there's Tarzan.  I'm still not over our having to give him away.  I am pretty sure I miss him more than anyone else!) 

Madi had to go to a cheering competition.  Her kindergarten participates in flag football cheerleading.  Thank GOD we didn't do that. I don't need one more thing.  And I am hoping Staci doesnt' talk to Ellie about soccer either!!  I don't think I have the energy for another extra curricular activity for a 5 year old.
As you can see, we made some serious progress in a short amount of time.  Once I get crackalackin, I can really get er done!
This isn't the best shot of Gabs's tree, but trust me, it's awesome!  I'll show another angle later.
And this is Ellie's about 75% done. We have all kinds of green curly things hanging all over it now, and a big ol' Santa on top.
A little more on the tree and a few less boxes.
By Saturday morning, I posted this on Facebook. 
Awwww... I might cry!
I miss Tarzan snuggling with me.  I miss him wanting to burrow down the covers to lie right up next to me.  And I miss him being so excited to see me when I get home.  I hope he has a good home now.  I don't miss the arguments over having to clean the carpet...AGAIN!  Bless his little heart.  And now, Tarzan has a weenie dog sister who lost her weenie dog brother and was really sad.  They were looking for a weenie dog puppy to take his spot.  I hope they are having fun playing together! 



Kaia said...

Love the Indian shirts, monogrammed shirts, and Ellie's dress! Cute! :)

Amy K said...

I love cyber-Christmas at the Groves' home.

So sorry about Tarzan. As we well know, the bond with animals is very real. I bet Gabbi's missing him too, but adjusting okay.

Zhohn said...

Awwwwwww!!! I didn't know Tarzan was already gone :( but I love that he has a weenie dog sister ;)) how's Gabbi?? I know she loved him!!

Love all the decorations. Thanks for sharing your days, always knew you were busy but whew!

Hope you get to relax next week with the girls.

kimybeee said...

hugs being sent to you for missing your fur baby!!!!

Susantwilhelm said...

How's Gabbi adjusting to no Tarzan?

jenny said...

So sorry about Tarzan. Sometimes we just have to do what's best for them and everybody else, but I know it hurts. Happy Friday before Thanksgiving!

Ness said...

Trees are beautiful. Broke my heart about Tarzan....we bought one dachsie and rescued 3 and all but one have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. If there's not dogs in Heaven, I'm not going!

Becky said...

Apparently I missed the part about Tarzan moving out... so sorry to hear. My 9 yr old nephew just had to put his 1 yr old puppy to sleep last week. They had just found out he was born with some kind of heart defect, and he started having seizures. Sad thing is, the person they bought him from apparently knew it, too!
Hope the family is adjusting to new life without Tarzan!