Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A week in the life of... Thursday, Nov. 8th

Thursdays are a little chaotic from the get go.  I have to get up a little earlier, because of our leadership meeting.  It is SO worth the effort though, as I have seen a definite change in the direction of my leaders at MMPT.  It is really fun to watch the growth, both personally and professionally occur with an INTENTIONAL attempt to make it happen.

Each person has been charged with thinking about who they lead and if they are servant leaders.  Also, we try to give ourselves weekly challenges to follow through and get more "ORDER" in the entire company.  For instance, a clinical library in place on our server for just about any physical therapy diagnosis.  A monthly inservice to the staff organized and led by various people in their strength zone, ie. me... infant development.  Or urinary incontinence.  Or pelvic pain. 
Becky... the spine.  Neck or back.  Donna... how to best use our CPT codes when billing.  Patchez... literacy.  etc.  And then there are those who are going to try and round up all these great ideas and maximize them into a calendar of community outreach inservices to be held monthly as well in 2013.  It is going to be a year of tremendous personal growth at MMPT!!
DId I mention how many boxes I have that contain my Christmas decorations? It's massive!
And after this weekend, I have about 3 left that haven't been completed.

I thought things were so organized last year when we cleaned up from the holidays.  I've decided there is just no such thing.
The only thing I liked for sure is having the girls and my bedroom stuff in under bed boxes.  All I had to do was take a tree to each room from the attic, and everything else for that room was in the room itself.  I LOVE THAT!!  I could open up the stuff room by room without trashing the house, as seen in these pictures!
I forgot to mention that last Thursday was a very unique day for me.  I don't typically run around to CPA and attorneys' offices.  But, we need a will.  And I need some investment/ tax advice in light of the election and a changing tax climate. I think?!  That's why I need to meet them anyway!

These are our three lone "thinkers".  All the rest were Feelers!!   I suppose that is because we are in a touchy feely profession, and empathy is paramount?!  In fact, of these three, only ONE is an actual therapist.
Here, we are lining ourselves up on a continuum of who gets their work done before play  and who tends to play prior to getting their work done.  That far end is the prior.  The people closest to me are the players.  And then there were me and Emery.  We were at the play extreme.  Does that surprise any of you?  It didn't really surprise anyone at the office.  I DO get my work done.  But it is usually last minute.  So to those of you looking at my insane weekly schedule, remember... I DO play.  I DO enjoy life.  I just have a whole lot to pack into it!
ANd here we are... the playas.
And these are the Extroverts!
The Myers Briggs demonstration was a blast!!  I am going to be asking Lori to return to do another demonstration of this at our end of year retreat so everyone can be involved.  Hey Lori... you reading this?  And if so, can you develop some new examples so the oldies will be thrown off a little bit and not know how to respond to your usual questions.  (for example:  description of the flag)  THanks.  WE CAN'T WAIT!!

Only one more week in the life of post!!



Zhohn said...

THE BOXES!!! Wow! But it really is beautiful when you're done.

What a busy, long day! Like you said, you're working hard so you can be/play with the girls later. Yes, yes, yes, y'all need a will!!! We can't stress that enough at work, such an inexpensive thing that people are always scared to address and usually think it's so expensive and "not worth it". Loving the ORDER you're putting in your life (and workplace)!

I'd assume the rolling of the room was when E wanted to make sure her sister had a roll to decorate too ;) sweet girl (ah!)

Sharidrew said...

I sure am enjoying your busy life posts. I knew you were a "on the go" woman, but to see it minute to minute truly proves it! I have about 4-5 Christmas boxes and a much smaller house but I sure love it all decorated up! I love the Christmas trees in each room. I only have one main tree but my son has a little one on his dresser that he decorates.

Thanks for sharing!
Hugs from Missouri,

Lori said...

Hey Mel,
Yes, I am reading and I have already been thinking on it!!!