Tuesday, November 27, 2012

December Daily is underway!

Guess what I did this past weekend..... Hint:  I am pretty fired up that I am this far ahead of the game!
It involved scrapbook paper, Jessi, and a couple of large Sonic drinks!
Then Todd got all crazy on us and brought us a sausage and cheese tray, and a bottle of wine.  I think he thought we might be there a while!  And I've discovered his love language  of acts of service!  I kinda like it!
He even remembered the spicy mustard.  But I digress!
Back to the task at hand... getting our December Daily mini scrapooks ready for pictures.
We both have been pinning all kinds of ideas, but when we really got right down to it, we pretty much just started taping paper to paper to get that sucker done!
We had the girls pleney of projects to do while we slaved away at our books.  Kaitlyn made a canvas and lots of handmade ornaments.
Oh, and a cross for her friends and a mini canvas.  How CUTE has this kid gotten?  She's in middle school now!
ta daaaah!!
You don't come to Miss Melanie's house and leave without a project.  It just doesn't happen! 
So the above right is my cover and the above left is Jessi's.  Well, you know... unembellished.  She chose a chalky green distress ink for her edges and I used an opaque red.  We were surprised that although we used the exact same paper pads for our books, they turned out looking very different  because of the inks, we suppose.

Here is one of the reasons I am so glad to get 2012's book all ready to go...
Because 2011's is still not complete.  Just SO not cool!  I do not like whne I do this.  It is easy to go back and put all the pictures in the book that is basically completed and just waiting on the pics, ut to remember all the details of the season, well... that is highly unlikely.  and sad!!  That's the reason you do a book is for the memories. 
This Daily December book is from 2008, Gabbi Girl's first Christmas.
This is where I toted her in a little carrier across my chest to the St. Jude marathon.  (and Ness, do you FB?  If so inbox me, and I'll give you some deets on the upcoming weekend.  If not, let me know in comments and how to email you.)
And this is the last Christmas we had with Jake.  2005.
Talk about GLAD I have this one completed, and journaling to support almost every page.
I want to encourage you to do a December book, even if it is super simple.  What I used was a chipboard bound book.  Mine is bound with index card rings, but some are spiral bound.  Then, I bought a pad of Christmas paper and a tape runner.  For extra effect, I used a stamp pad to deepen the look of the pages (for instance in Jake's pics above, I used black).  Just cut all your papers to fit the pages of your book.  And you can also incorporate envelopes or tags, or 1/2 pages, IF you have a ring bound book vs. spiral.  Come on. You can do it.  And you'll be SO GLAD you did!!



kimybeee said...

well crap, now i need to do one!! i never get photos developed!!!

Zhohn said...

Hmmm, maybe so! I'm sure I'll be glad I did it.

Omg, how can Kailtlyn be in middle school!? (Like I know her! Ha!) But i remember old pics/stories. Before we know it, Ellie will be in middle school :(

So do we take one pic a day for the book?

Mbeaty19 said...

Spent the morning checking out your pins for December Daily so I'm motivated to do it this year. Already started pictures for my tree page. Thanks for always motivating and inspiring me. Always makes this time of year even more special because I make so many mental notes of what I want to include in my journal. Even more important it reminds me to slow down and enjoy these special times with my family.

Hope you'll post more pages as they are always great for ideas and inspiration the whole year through!

Kathryn said...

I miss your scrapbooking! I love the Christmas kit you offered so long ago.

snekcip said...

I miss your scrapbooking post too.

(now chanting)

Scrapbook POST! Scrapbook POST! Scrapbook POST!

Beverly said...


I want to get two books like I see in your post. I want to cover the pages with Christmas paper and put little pockets here and there and give as a gift for a friend to fill up with her Christmas memories. What size book are you using? Can I order it on line? I'm good with paper and stickers and such. I just need the books. You can email me at bevwalks (at) aol (dot) com. I really do appreciate your help AND agree with the post above that I love your kits!


Michelle said...

Awh, the last scrapbook I made was your Christmas kit a few yrs back! You have inspired me to get working on this one! Love all the ideas you are pinning!