Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You asked for it. December Daily... "pre" photos. (and some canvases for sale)

Okay, here ya go.  As requested.  It's just a template, remember, for when I get started on taking pics of events as they occur in December.
Jessi took her role of "computer/ graphics expert" and made us pre-made numbers for our pages. She brought 5 sets.  She used one kind for continuity on hers. 
I mixed mine.  Sometimes this bookmark style in red, and sometimes in green. 

And then every once in a while, I'd use the horizontal banner style.  I thought they complimented each other nicely. And I like things a little more "mixed" than "the same".
We used tags in our book as smaller pages to add interest.  And... I decided to go ahead and put events in my book on dates that I knew were going to occur.
And sometimes, we made little secret flaps on pages if, again, we knew there would likely be lots of pictures for a particular event.
We went through my stash and found old tags and chipboard, and then added paper, ribbon, and paint to enhance the original.

The 14th is the day of our MMPT compatny wide retreat AND our Christmas party. I KNOW there will be lots of pictures on that day, so I saved about 4 pages for that one.

Jessi sewed us some circles on a piece of craft paper cardstock. 
I got out the old hymnals and cut a freehand Christmas tree, which of course I had to distress on the

In fact, I distress every single thing that goes into my book! 
We are both planning the photos we want to take AND thinking about receipts from special presents, tickets to movies and fun things that occur over the holidays, and other ephemera.

And THIS comes the day after Christmas.  YEP!  I know good ol' Santa is going to leave the Groves family feeling this way!

And have I mentioned my LOVE of baker's twine?  If not, here it is.  I LOVE baker's twine!
I'm not sure this is going to remain here.  I don't love my writing.  But, I know there will be a "signature" card to show my girlies that I love them and for years to come, they will be glad I made the effort.  They were in the art room the other day, with Madi, all looking at the mini books from when they were young.  I think I am passing on my love of all things sentimental to my baby girls.

And one more thing... I have a few canvases for sale.  Here they are.... 11x14   $40 Merry Christmas ornament.
8x10- $35 Believe
This is the Santa Claus that is going down south to the Beards.
This snowman is ready to be personalized.  It's also an 11x14 and needs a home.  $40.  Would make a cute gift to that hard to buy for person, cause it is for sho one of a kind.
Anybody know a Tech fan who needs this one?  It's a 12x12 and also $40.  I might could add a name or date on it.
this JOY is for sale.  I keep one similar to it up in my house.  11x14  $40.  I think I'll add a few swirlies in the corners first!
This one is a big one.... 16x20 and $60 .  I could add a family name, "Be Merry", "have yourself a merry little Christmas", Be Jolly, Merry Christmas, or whatever!  The elf shoes are covered in glitter in case you can't tell.
On my table below, I have the start to a 16x20 picture of three presents for anyone who would like it.  At this point,  you could even tell me your color scheme, and I could do the presents whatever color you'd like.  And personlization, of course.  $60
And lastly, Tami, here's your ornament... in it's early stages!!  I'll have it ready by the weekend. 
There ya go... what I've been up to this past week!



Cherry said...

Love them...Since I am the only one who commented so far...Do I get a door prize? Remember I am your favorite cuz...Love yall...

Mbeaty19 said...

Loving the pages for your book. Thinking I am going to be doing some page making today. Certainly motivated!

I really like the canvases. Love the snowman canvas. Hopefully some day I will have a Mo Original Canvas in my house. Loving it.

snekcip said...

Love the photo books!! LOVE!!!

Ness said...

Beautiful albumn and canvases. If I don't hear from you today via I guess I won't see you in Memphis Saturday. :-(

Beverly said...

It looks like your books are chipboard pages with rings. If that's right, where did you get them? I can't find any without tabs on them. I love they way you used different sizes. If you have time, plase let me know if I'm right and where to get them. I know how busy you are and I appreciate it if you able to let me know. bevwalks (at) aol (dot) com

Tina said...


I want the snowman!!!!

Let me know what your address is, and I will get a check to you. You can email me at

I'm just not sure what personalization to have you add...any suggestions?

If someone has already purchased the snowman, let me know and I will pick one of the others.

Tina Herrick

connie said...

hey mo i like to kno where you get your chip boards too i want to make some scrap books and love to use the chip boards also i would love to know if you have any christmas beads ? if so can you send me pictures of them so i can see i would love to get them if so how much? here is my email address . iam thinking about getting you to do a canvas for me for a present just got to decide what i want i will let you know soon i love your art work and all crafts you do.... i wish i was as good as you are...

melanie, aka Mo said...

Tina, snowman has been bought! So has Believe. See another one you like?

Mary said...


If the elf shoes aren't gone I'd like to make it mine! let me know!

mary6418 (at) comcast (dot) net

Tina said...

Mo, let me know what you have left at this point. I did not see your message until this morning.