Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A week in the life of.... Wednesday, Nov. 7th

Ok, here we go.  Hello Wednesday.
I knew I'd have a busier day today.  But apparently I thrive in business!

I told the girls to cover their ninny pillows, and got a shot of our morning.  I try to be dressed by 7:00, so that I can spend the rest of our available time getting these little monkeys ready.  If I am not ready by 7:00, we'll likely be late!
and ta daaaah.  Here they are.  Little angels.
If you follow me on FB, you know I have to get a picture of them every morning.
This is how many attempts it typically takes me to get the one I like the most.
And then, I never get it in the right format/ size to instagram it which would make it so much better (quality that is).
This is my first patient.  I love that I get to work with a daddy.  That's rare.  It's usually mamas.  I'm teaching him to stretch his boy's neck.
and then, here's proof of what I ran and took care of within about an hour.
AHa.  My favorite fast food.... Taco Bandido.  A local fasst food Mexican spot.
and yes, I AM aware that my phone is out of juice about 90% of the time.

Here's Rebecca... the last mom to pick up her kid from the last art class of the season.  The next one will be after the first of the year.
Her daughter, McKenlea was out the door, but I got one more mama/ son pose from these two.
I had to cram for the leadership meeting on Thursday morning.  It is stressful to cram like that, but honestly, it's how I do my best work.  It's how I got through college and PT school, big time.
As by now you know, we have been looking to give Tarzan away.  The one thing I have failed to document is the NUMEROUS times I have to pick up teetee or poop in our brand new house and off our brand new carpet. Todd is NOT cool with that!
He's told me to find him a home or he'll take him to the pound.  I keep putting it off, because, well, I really like the little guy.  And LOOK at how he and Gabs have a special bond.  After all, he's only, like, 5 months old, so maybe he'll be better when we can get him fixed.  And I need to look into having him professionally trained.  I've heard from many that weenie dogs are the WORST for potty training, and that they'll still have accidents after years of being potty trained.  UGH!
BUT loooooook!
And here is how I study.  Colorful index cards made from cardstock and typically a colorful pen.
I'm sure she took this herself!
And this is when I was blogging about slippers.  Did you read it?!
Whew.  One more day down.   It was so tiring to document all of that.  Too much to keep in my consciousness.  I am glad that I have the opportunity to drop things after they've occured for the most part.  Fatiguing mentally!

Happy Thursday.


Mbeaty19 said...

Been interesting to see what your days consist of. I have to admit I have similar problem. I always have to be doing something. That's the main reason you can always tell where my spaces are in each room because there is always a pile of stuff waiting to be 'worked' on. The idea of documenting each moment would be quite scary because I know it would be very random and very full. Having children especially adds to that documenting though. Very interesting though perhaps I should consider doing it though to really reflect on the role of time in my life.

kimybeee said...

consider crate training tarzan - please don't give up on him. don't let your kiddos think that pets are disposable cause you don't (or can't) spend the time taking care of their needs. gabs loves these critters and there are all kinds of solutions to training problems. it is better to take care of it while he is still young - having him neutered really won't make a difference. he is a baby and has baby bathroom needs. crate training will help him with timing and holding. pee pads, an outdoor enclosure while you aren't home - tons of options!!

i have no idea how you make it through a day even with all this time tracking - it is insane!!!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Sorry, Kim. Tarzan has a new home. I'm sad, but everyone else is fine with it, and their Daddy is easier to live with and much, much happier. I'll tell the Tarzan story another day. But trust me, it has a happy ending!

Joan said...

As long as you found him a good home, and it sounds like you did. Can't believe Gabi didn't freak though...

Lisa said...

Hi Mo,
Love these posts - you certainly seem very efficient. Glad re the happy ending. Regarding workshops in the new year, Sami and i are still interested (if it works w her college sched) in coming from NJ/AR if you are still considering an adult or mother/daughter one in January or if not then, beyond. Hope your day is going great!

kimybeee said...

at least it wasn't traumatic - i am guessing that visitation is in order! Linda lou is the one with the weenies? was it to her lol

kimybeee said...

and for the record, i was NOT being mean or malicious about the puppy!

i cried when earl died, i cheered when lizzie arrived, i pleaded for cheerio, i cheered for tarzan and then pleaded for him too lol

we all have our passions - critters are mine!! just so nobody thinks i was trying to be a snit about the whole thing. it is in my dna to take care of critters! i have a houseful, barnful, porchful, pastureful etc. i love them all

melanie, aka Mo said...

Trust me, I was pretty distraught too! But divorce was on the horizon! I felt like I was Tarzan's mama, and I abandoned him. :(. Todd did not have that same sentiment.

kimybeee said...

i always say that i know how much my husband loves me by how many critters he tolerates! he grew up in a no house pet house and i grew up with cats and dogs (inside and out) but i got my love for animals from my grandma. she never turned one away and that happens here too. i have cats that came from the grocery store and the mall and church and school lol i am an animal magnet!!! i am limited to just two dogs - one big and old, the other young and small. dogs are way more work than cats!