Monday, November 12, 2012

A day in the week of...Tuesday, November 6th

Here we go... day two of the archived minutes. 
It was supposed to be a day of my sitting at my desk a LOT to get caught up on paperwork.  Robin actually planned this day for me last week.
As the schedule indicates, first thing was to VOTE.  And I had to take pics of this to PROVE to Ellie that kids were NOT at school.  She was so mad at me for not letting her go vote with me.  She was so sure that kids could go vote.  She said her teacher told her that.  Highly doubtful.
Seeeee??? no kids!
But there was a hottie there.
And afterwards, I instagrammed a pic of myself saying I'd exercised my right to vote.  Because I had little patient contact that day, I decided to wear regular clothes.  I get tired of my daily "uniform".
And just as I mentioned in my schedule, I really in truly had THREE computers open trying to keep myself attending to at least one of the tasks at hand.  Far left, Pinterest.  Middle, paperwork for electronic documentation, and right, John Maxwell webcast that I was also listening to on headphones. Just for the record, I also see a Sonic sweet tea, my new awesome Vera Bradley day planner, a helium tank (a MUST for a pediatric therapy clinic) and a super awesome wall color.
Shall we continue?

And this is where it gets really good.
We were at a dead standstill.  And the light turned green.  Let me rephrase that... the TURN signal turned green.  NOT my straight ahead light.  And so, BOOM.  I felt HORRIBLE. But I'll be getting her car fixed soon.  ANd it never hurts to have been helpful to someone.  The girl I hit had been allowed to do some observation at MMPT when she was interested in going to OT school.  And her sister, also in the car, works at MedCamps, and my clinic helps out there each year by teaching the staff how to transfer kids from their wheelchairs to beds/ toilets without hurting them or the counselors' backs.  It's always nice to be nice.

This is the sweet little girl I saw during lunch.  She was out like a light when I put her in her stander.
By the time I got home, things were somewhat calm.
The girls had already eaten.  THANK YOU, TODD!
I have absolutely no idea why Ellie had on her bathing suit top.  She's Ellie.  That's all I can say about that!
Oh wait.  She had on an entire bikini.  And why not?!
This is proof that TG and I were in the bed watching the election results rolling in. 
Next up.... Wednesday.  And I'll tell ya.  Tuesday was awful!!  It wasn't until our personality test on Thursday that I realized why! I am made to be with and interact with people.  I draw my energy from these relationships.  That's what makes me an "E" vs an "I" introvert.  Because I was TRYING to sit in my office and work on paperwork all day long, I was NOT my best self.  And I was at odds with who I naturally am.  What is the mature side of my personality.  I even commented to another therapist at the end of Tuesday that I had had a horrible day, despite having looked very forward to this day because I cleared out my patient load just to do this.  Now I know.  LITTLE doses of office sitting for me!!  And give me PEOPLE!!



kimybeee said...

glad you weren't texting and driving! and that noone was hurt. if you are gonna run into somebody - run into the duck boys so we can see you on tv lol lol lol

i am like you, i enjoy the paperwork and organization - but in smaller doses. i would go nuts if i had to sit in a room by myself and do that all day. that is why i like my clerk job at my hospital. i work outpatient surgery and our desk covers surgery and endo units and sits in front of the busiest elevator in the world. so i spend my work days making charts and checking on patients and interacting with the public and docs and giving directions. it is very satisfying work for me. it covers both my social and organizational sides. and as a fellow leo, i need people to feed my energy lol

Kaia said...

Maybe Ellie's teacher told her they'd be able to vote when they get big? Or maybe for some school thing?!

Kaia said...

I took the personality type test! ISFJ
Introvert(83%) Sensing(1%) Feeling(12%) Judging(67%)

Zhohn said...

Oh man! What a full day. Glad to hear it was just a fender bender and not very serious :(.

Loving Ellie in the bikini just bc she can!

Amy K said...

Sorry about your accident, but glad everyone was ok.
I'm exhausted just reading about your daily schedule.

Emily said...

On the voting thing, I have taken Shelbi with me to pull my levers since she could walk-so yes,they allow kiddos. I am VERY proud of my right to vote and wanted to instill that in her early so away we always go together to the polls!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Emily. Be quiet! (I do NOT want to take Ellie with me.)ha Mel

snekcip said...

Glad everyone was OK and no one got hurt. I got rearended about a few months back and the guy was FELT AWFUL we resolved it amicably, my bumper was repaired and THANK GOD NO ONE WAS HURT. Oh the PERSONALITY TEST ...I was too IMPATIENT to read what group do I fall in for that!? A!

PS Ellie could have been partially right. Bre's school had a "mock vote" and all the classes (K-5th) were able to experience VOTING. I so wish I would have brought her with me, but I did EARLY VOTING and since its held right here where I work, Bre was at school when I voted. However Bre was SO PROUD to have her "I VOTED" placard hanging around her neck to match Mommies I VOTED sticker. When I picked her up last Tuesday, she came out all excited shouting "I voted! I voted! Sure made THIS MOMMA PROUD!!!

Renee said...

I'm tired just from reading about you busy busy day. Slow down Mamma! :)