Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recap of MoZart Retreat

Today it’s Riley guest blogging here.  I'll be sharing my daily dozen projects at my blog, Homegrown Joy, for the next few weeks if you want to follow along.  I had a little bit of some technical difficulties uploading this blog post.  I’m opening up the guest blogging by giving a quick overview of the weekend.  After that, we’ll have individual posts on each daily dozen areas from Make Today Count. 

I attended Mo’s first retreat a year ago and absolutely LOVED it.  I knew I would jump at the chance to go to another one.  After bugging Mo about 15 times, she finally caved and asked me to pick a date.  As you know from the weekend blog posts and plenty of instragramed pictures, this retreat took a different spin from her previous MoZart Retreats. 

This 4 day retreat added a second full day of art (compared to the 3 day retreats) and each project had meaning attached to it. 

The results of this design allowed for personal growth and development while making awesome art.

Each project started with a powerpoint and discussion about one of the daily dozen areas.  Then we moved on to our art project.  We learned all sorts of new techniques and were encouraged to let our creativity flow.

Mo basically said here is the project, here are a few options for how to do, and you can choose what you want to do.  This open door invitation to use the oodles of supplies she has allowed for limitless possibilities. 

The agenda maximized our time to create.  Everyone left the weekend with armfuls of art creations.

The weekend was much like previous retreats in that we had awesome food, wonderful women and visiting, and an inspiring environment to work in.  The retreat was the perfect escape from reality and set me up for success when I returned from the weekend. 

I certainly will attend another retreat in the future.  MoZart Retreats are just too irresistible to pass up. 

Get ready for many more details and stories from each of the daily dozen guest bloggers in the coming weeks!  


melanie, aka Mo said...

Thanks, Riley. Great update. Look forward to your blog posts!

snekcip said...

Way to go Riley!!! Great post as well as great pics. Good to see "MO IN THE FLOW" instead of behind the camera. Looking forward to all the "personal experiences" from all the ladies.

snekcip said...

PS Going read up on your blog as well!! See ya there!

Sharidrew said...

Awesome! I know jealousy isn't something we should feel but I sure am jealous of all of that fun, creative, inspiring learning going on! Can't wait to hear more! I agree, great to see Mo on the other side of the camera.

Hugs from Missouri,

MaryH said...

Riley, thanks for the update. Can't wait to hear more details. You are a lucky group of ladies to have experienced this retreat and we are lucky you all will share the details with us. I agree, it was good to see Mo in the pics and not behind the camera.

Brooklyn said...

I absolutely love the silk wraps!!!

Jealous Previous Retreater

Amy K said...

Thanks for the glimpse into the retreat Riley! Beautiful projects.
Mo, your fall decor is gorgeous as always!
Looking forward to seeing more from the retreat.