Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Family" canvases

 So, if you've been reading over the weekend, you realize that I preceded each art project with a "lesson" on an area of our lives we could change immediately that could make our lives richer.( Above is Pala's FAMILY  project.)
 This activity was a canvas where we took a favorite photo and cut out the main subject from the background.  Karie (above) chose her family)
 Instead of using the background of the original photo, we tried to replicate it with torn scrapbook paper.
 Emery did the one above a while back, and that became our sample and inspiration for this section of the weekend's perosnal growth agenda.
 Anne brought a photo of her and her hubby.  Rebecca (below) chose a family beach photo.  How bout those sea oats?!  She TRIED to get me to paint them for her, but as you can see she did JUST FINE!!
 Tonya chose a photo of her daughter, Savannah.   One of hte things we talked about regarding families is that our kids rarelly remember a gift you gave them, but they can almost always remember time that you spend with them.  We tried to write down a list of all the gifts we ever got for birthdays and Christmas.  And then, try to write down family vacations.  The latter is likely much more at the top of your brain.
 Jennifer's son asked her to make him something with this saying. SO, she chose this photo of a dock and worked it out for him.  How awesome is that?!
 This is Lisa and her husband on a trip to Alaska.  And finally, the Groves clan.  I couldn't resist participating in this one too.  I had Emery, who had done this before, lead this class and it turned out to be many people's favorite project. 
 You'll be seeing about two weeks' worth of projects and explanations, as I hope to have most of the participants doing guest blog spots to tell their perception of how the weekend went.  As for my perception, it could not have gone better.  Well, I suppose had Todd grilled every meal, it could've been a little better, but ol' boy came through for us in a big way.  He was a trooper with 10 girls in his house and on an LSU game weekend, at that.
 I also couldn't help myself from posting this sweet picture of my Gabbi Girl.  This is a new phone app and I am in love!
 The group bonded and we all got along great.  It is fun to meet new people and to learn together.  With the new John Maxwell curriculum we studied, namely the book, Make Today Count, we were also learning about each other and helping each other and investing in each others' lives.  Pretty good use of a weekend!!
Expect a guest blogger tomorrow.  Hey, Riley... you ready?!



Riley said...

You know I'm ready!

Amy K said...

These are all beautiful works of the heart!

snekcip said...

Love this Mo!!

Renee said...

Those are too cool!

Ness said...

Love this and tying Make Every Day Count with your weekend. Don't forget to give me info about Jake's thing in December in Memphis!