Saturday, September 22, 2012

MoZart Retreat... canvases and thinking journals

 We took the weekend by storm, studying 12 things that we can change to totally change our lives.  They are our Daily Dozen.  We started with ATTITUDE.  Our supporting art project was a canvas with a predetermined favorite quote regarding attitude.  We used magazines in the background to add texture under our painted backgrounds.  We made the font decision an easy one by cutting out the quotes in vinyl with the Silhouette.
 I thought it was cool to see all these cars in the driveway, including those from Texas and knowing that we were going to have a weekend of lots and lots of growth.
 We made a fabric cuff when we studied Priorities.  I wouldn't really say that the Warhawks are my PRIORITY, but some did family names, Rebecca did her son's baseball numbers, and Riley did "Be Joy" as she wanted to wear one of her primary values on her wrist as a reminder throughout the day.
 This is Anne.  She is working on her THINKING journal.  This was a canvas journal that we made to handle all the many, many thoughts we will be now capturing.  We are intending to write these ideas/ thoughts down and work on them until they either fizzle out or come to fruition.  Because... we have learned that great thoughts come from good thoughts.  Good thoughts come from average thoughts, and average thoughts had to come from thoughts!  So, we will intentionally think!
 Tonya and Rebecca are also working on their books.  I couldn't get over how very different everyone's choices were all weekend long.
 If we learned one thing, it was how to use Mod Podge and how to use a heat gun!  There wasn't a single project that two people sitting next to each other actually used the same palette.  Weird!   We definitely had some individual and creative thinking going on in this art studio!!
 This is Pala and her daughter, Riley.  Riley has been to a retreat before, and this time she encouraged her mom to come along with her from Angleton, Texas.  They made the 6 1/2 hour drive on Thursday morning.
 Hey Riley!  BOO!  She's gonna kill me.  But that's ok.  Oh, and Riley, might wanna turn that canvas over and check your chevron!  hahahahaha
 There ya go!  That's my orange THINKING book, by the way. 
 Our participants got to meet Tarzan.  And by meet, I mean, he wanted to sit in my lap approximately, ooohhh, I'd say the WHOLE ENTIRE time!! 
 Tonya came on board as a helper and even a teacher last minute.  I knew she'd do a great job inspiring the participants and she iscertainly a positive presence, and someone who would encourage me as I ventured  into unknown waters of self awareness/ personal growth education.

 GET IT GIRL.  I mean, how fast can one person drag a paintbrush across a canvas?!  She caused a BLUR!
 Kerri and I got back a ways.  She was actually an OT student at MMPT a few years ago.  She is also a photographer on the side and is a fellow artsy fartsy girl.

 This is Emery. She works at MMPT, but she was also in charge of trying out all the projects before our weekend actually arrived.  She helped teach one or two of the classes at the retreat at well, so I had the pleasure of getting to participate and create as well, rather than only walk around barking directions.
 Jennifer is a return participant as well.  She brought a buddy this go round.
 This is our stash.  It was a basket full of things to come.  Silk cords to make necklaces and bracelets, printed papers, spritzy sprays just asking for some stencils and canvas.
 This is Lisa.  She is the newbie who came along with Jennifer this time.  She was a natural!
And speaking of potential projects.  Check that out!!  Blocks of wood in two different sizes.  Two different sized canvases, cardstock, chipboard, gel medium, cuphooks, clawtooth hangers, lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

More on all of this action tomorrow!!



Amy K said...

Girl, you pack the absolute most into your retreat weekends. The projects are awesome. I can't even imagine how much more the studies you present add to it all. An amazing weekend for these ladies, I'm certain!
I hope you have guest blogger testimonials again this time. I love hearing the participants' take as well.

Bj said...

Looks like a fun time was had by glad!! huggers, BJ

Lisa said...

I hope this is a multiple post retreat - so we can see more. I love seeing what everyone ends up with in the end. So so cool!!! I love that you are inspiring people through art!!

Renee said...

Can't wait to see the finished projects.

snekcip said...

Great group of ladies!!! Can't wait to see all the finished projects!