Thursday, September 20, 2012

MoZart Retreat is underway.

 Anne was the first to arrive.  She flew in from Colorado on Wednesday night.  JinJIn was a trooper and went to pick her up at the airport.  She even carried a little sign to let Anne know who her chauffeur for the evening was. 
 When she arrived at the house,  Mary Allison was still busy making my 162 page slideshow all cutesy and all!  Bless her little heart.  She does love her stepmom!  And Ellie and Anne made little art projects of their own.
 Tonya came over to help me with an art project that we'll actually be doing on Saturday.  We have TWELVE projects to get  done, with corresponding studies in 12 area of personal growth that can be implemented immediately to make our lives richer and fuller. 

 After our "study" on ATTITUDE, we made a canvas to support the commitment we made to our selves regarding attitude.
 Everyone was asked to have a favorite quote to help them remember this weekend and the changes we all intend to make immediately in our lives. We resolved to find a postive ally, establish positive friends, and see the best in everyone as well as generally be more grateful.  It was a really awesome discussion.
 We used a Silhouette for our letters and ripped up magazines/ catalogs for our textural backgrounds. 
 And then came PRIORITIES.  We made fabric cuffs to wear and remember the commitments we made regarding putting first things first, delegating those things that others can do just as well, and staying in our strength zones.
 I think all in all, it was a hugely successful day.  And this is just Thursday!!  We still have a very full Friday and Saturday!!

We'll be discussing HEALTH, FAMILY, COMMITMENT, RELATIONSHIPS, GENEROSITY, FAITH, VALUES, and a few more.  Doesn't that sound exciting?!  I'll keep you updated.  We're upstairs watching a movie together.  Good bonding goin on in this girl world!!



Nena said...

Can I say how envious I am of those able to attend! I see my sweet friend, Jennifer, is there - glasses and all- after her tough week. Wish I could be there but I am sitting at a computer typing the leadout script for homecoming tomorrow night. I'll be back!

Amy K said...

LOVE the projects you choose for your retreats! Some day..some day!
You definitely have a gift/calling here.

Beth E. said...

What a great start to a life-changing retreat. Wish I were there! :-)

nss said...

I am SO going to come to one of your art retreats! My hectic life really could use it. SOMEDAY!
Have a wonderful weekend.

MaryH said...

Lucky ladies all around to be attending this retreat. Just a little envious here but will live it through the photos and stories. Thank you.

Renee said...

Love the canvas. Sounds like a fun time.

snekcip said...

Isnt Mo and Jin-Jin the BEST!!! Love those ladies!!! Enjoy the RETREAT Ladies!!!!

Ness said...

I have been remiss in reading and posting but want you to know what joy and peace I find when I stop by. I will always, always love Jake and hope to see you in Memphis in December. We were there this summer. Please send me details and dates for December this year. Your girls are growing up so fast and you and Todd have been phenomenal parents to them. Much love. Ness