Monday, September 17, 2012

Breakfast with Gabs

 This precious little angel.  This is our mornings.

 My sweet Gabbi Girl making her way to the kitchen and asking for cereal or chocolate milk.  She doesn't even mind if I just make her a bowl of dry cereal.  She's even fine with that.
 She wakes up in a good mood.  Meanwhile, in the back of the house, Ellie and I are arguing because what she and I painstakingly chose the night before as her school outfit is now somehow unfit for her kindergarten peers.  And then, we go through the same conversation with shoes.  And then hairstyle.  And then the lipgloss I do NOT feel she needs.
And Gabbi Girl just keeps on smiling.  Happy to be eating.  Happy to be dressed.  If only she would stay this precious and easy. I am sure hoping!! 

Love both my girls to pieces.  They're just night and day, that's all!
Prepping for a retreat, peeps.  I am so excited.  


Zhohn said...

I hope it gets easier with Ellie! It's going to be a LOONG twelve years or so ;)

And for your sanity, I pray Gabs stays sweet and easy!

Renee said...

Thankfully the public schools where we live have a uniform policy. On the days when they can wear what they want, I just shake my head at my boys. They usually pick the dingist oldest tshirt and silk shorts they can find. Glad you at least have one smiley girl in your house in the mornings. :)

snekcip said...

Bre is pretty easy peasy. She pretty compliant about her clothing choices but adamant that the shoes MUST MATCH!! I digress...the only thing we have a problem with is "explaining that she cannot KEEP a horse in her room!!! Bre: Why...he can "fold his legs" up so he can be small and fit in my room"! Sighhhhhh so the saga continues daily. The girl is an animal lover!! We just got past the "why can't I ride on an alligator" Me: It was not MEANT to ride on, and it probably would try to bite you!! Bre: Not if we get a NICE ALLIGATOR w/no teeth!!! She is DEAD SERIOUS too!!! Child logic....HILARIOUS!!!!

Beth E. said...

Okay, I guess this is the benefit of my having boys. Growing up, they never did care what they wore. My goal was just to make sure they made it to school in clothes that were clean and not torn!

Bless your heart. Hope these clothing battles with Ellie end very soon and that they never begin with Gabbi. :-)

MaryH said...

Two different girlies for sure but what a wonderful world they provide for you. Wish I could come to the retreat but just can't manage it - maybe someday - it is on my bucket list. Hope you all have a great and successful time - I know you will, how could you not.