Sunday, September 16, 2012

Choosing outfits for Rush

 These would be the shoes that I needed to match a pair of custom earrings to for Miss Taylor Hines...  Tashia's daughter.
 Taylor and Tashia invited us over a fe weeks ago to a preview party for her upcoming Rush at LSU.
 Bet you can't guess who that is in those taupe pumps!  Hint:  she's 5 years old!

 Taylor had five or so days that she had to fill wiht her best options from her closet.  We were there to provide moral support.
 Cindy came down to help make the decisions, as did me, Paula and Lori.
 I loved this little red dress.  But, can you see the TRUE secret admirer in the background?

 She's watching Taylor's every move.... into the room.  Out of the room.   Ellie was SO in her element.
 AND SHE'S OFF!  She is heading in there to see what outfit is coming up next.
 Where's Gabs, you might be asking.  Well, here she is.  She is on the floor, where Tashia made her a pallet.  This would be the stash that Taylor had stockpiled to take with her to Baton Rouge where she began as a freshman in August.
 Tashia even put on a movie for my girl.  We already have all their VHS tapes, as I knew Tashia would very likely  never watch the Disney movies anymore, so I asked her if we could have them.  And she said, "sure".  I like them because they don't "scratch" like the DVDs do.
 This is Taylor's room.  I remember when I moved out. I moved, like EVERYTHING out.  Like I would  never be home again. I think Taylor may have the same philosophy.
 And on to the initiation dress.  Ellie is still sticking to Taylor like glue.
 Paula never left her Snuggie.
 Lori has years of experience in retail and in fashion, so she was a natural choice for Tashia to invite over.  Look at that accessory bag.  We were getting those outfits down to the details.

 And so we finally got it down to a few of the best ones.  Dresses, shoes, accessories... IT IS FINISHED.
 And so, we had appetizers!  :)
 And my Gabbi Girl woke up just in time to partake! 
For the record... Taylor is now a Pi Phi at LSU. 
Good times with good friends.



kimybeee said...

a sorority named pie - now that is one i could join lol lol lol

and when my kid moved to school in august her room had so much stuff left in it that you couldn't tell she was gone lol i cleaned and straightened and the first weekend she came home she sorted into keep and toss piles. nobody at school could believe how much stuff she had lol

Amy K said...

I think my daughter could take lessons from her about taking all her stuff with her when she moved out, because I've still got SO much of it here, you'd think hadn't even moved out. Maybe that's a sign that she has way too much stuff, and it's time to donate!?
Beautiful choices you all made!

snekcip said...

My girls travel like that when they come home for a weekend stay!! I'm SOOOO not kidding!! I ask ALL the time..."are you planning on being here for a WEEKEND or WEEKS ON END!!! I mean seriously!!!

Great fashion show CONGRATS Taylor!!

Beth E. said...

Looks like y'all had a blast that day! What fun to have a fashion show...AND appetizers!

Ohhh, it's sooo different being the mom of two fashion shows in our house! LOL