Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mary Allison spends the night.

 There are only a few things to point out here. 
 One is that I think Gabbi might actually like chocolate more than I, and that is seriously SAYING SOMETHING!!
 Second, Mary Allison does not come over near enough, and I am about to break out the adult guilt trip model!
 When she does, Ellie has to go into full on showboat mode and throw on booty shorts and leg warmers!!
 and Mary Allison is going to be banned if she keeps showing my girl dance moves that are going to get HER banned from school dances.  And would ya look at my Miss Gabbi Girl?!  She is WORKIN' that pose.  You go head on, Gabs.

 I'll give her credit though, Mary Allison has been helping me get my power point together for this week's art retreat.  It is going to R.O.C.K.!!
 Each art project will basically act as a talisman or a constant reminder of the commitments that we will be making to ourselves after each little mini power point (We're talking less than 30 minutes) presentation.
 and by the end of the weekend, we should be so dang inspired, we could almost take over the dadgum WORLD!!
 Of course, Ellie had to go and put on her romper.  She probably changed outfits four times if I know her the way I think I know her.
 ANd while all that chaos ensued, Gabbi settled in to watch Little Mermaid.  She is IN THE ZONE when a Disney movie hits the DVD player.
Ok, so last call.  If there is one more person interested in the retreat, now's the time.  Todd is making the menu tomorrow.  I have the agenda ready to go out, and it has all the directions of things needed for the retreat.  We'll be doing some paper crafts, working with clay, painting canvases and using mixed media on them.  We'll do some photo transfers onto wood and canvas and learn book binding.  We'll even work in a little bit of scrapbooking!  Oh... and jewelry making too.  But the coolest thing is that everything we take home will have a significant meaning!!  So, if you can make it, holler!!  Thursday at noon through Sunday at noon.  $450... includes all lodging, food, and art supplies.  Not a bad deal at all!!  And you will leave very satisfied! 

I can't wait!!


Amy K said...

Oh boy, I would LOOOOVE to come. It sounds like an amazing weekend.
Someday, someday I will be there!

MA is such a wonderful young lady. The chocolate on Gabbi's face just adds to the pricelessness of the pics. I was smiling all the way through the post.

L said...

How I wish I lived close enough to snap up that last spot!!! New Jersey is just too far :-(. Bummer.

Laurie in NJ

Renee said...

Your girls are so entertaining. But I keep saying E will give you a run for your money. LOL