Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alayna spends the night.

 From the looks of things, Ellie Sue has been dressing up her friends again!
 Gabbi Girl is just happy to have a recital costume on and her ruffly socks!
 Ellie took a time out from being "back stage", syling her model, to come out and perform a little impromptu ballet for the audience.

She absolutely loves my old toe shoes.  You know... the ones I have held onto for like 30+ years and she cut the straps off of.  Yeah, THOSE toe shoes!
 Gabs doesn't really ever last that long with Ellie's fashion shows.  She'd rather get in her "cozy" covers and  watch a movie.  That girl is a movie watchin' fool!
 Can you tell Ellie is much pleased with Alayna's second outfit, complete with leg warmers and a belted church dress?
 And that had BETTER be a tank top under that "one shouder" number.
 Gabs decided to go visit her daddy in his man cave.  Who needs a costume when you have great ruffle socks and some panties?!
 And might I add, this kid has got a Badonkadonk!!
 Poor daddy... nothing but girls in this household... panties and ruffle socks.  He just wants to watch his football game in peace.  But, no, he has to listen to drama, like, "Can I paint my fingernails?  pleeeeease?!"  Or , "Ellie just took my lipstick!".  Poor, poor daddy!
 I'd gladly watch a complete fashion show when the day ends like THIS!!  SCORE!
 And just like Alayna's mom predicted, she was up with the roosters at about 6:00 am the next morning.  I had to be at work, so I got out a whole bunch of art supplies for Alayna to keep entertained, while my sleepy heads stayed tucked in soundly. 
 We have LOTS of pallet parties and sleepovers in our future, I am sure. 


Countdown is ON for the art retreat!!  ONE week, girlies!  And it is going to be epic!  I've been practicing the techniques and am really excited about our projects.


Amy K said...

Your pictures had me laughing this morning...good times!

Happy Friday Groves family.

Zhohn said...

So funny! The girls are cute no matter what they're wearing.

I love sleeping babies! (or wanna be teens!)

Have a good weekend with the family!

Sharidrew said...

Hey girl! I wanted to ask a favor. If you have "time" could you say a prayer for my mama? She is a 20 year breast cancer survivor but it's back. First in her bones and now in the lining of her brain. She is undergoing radiation right now in hopes that it will go into remission. I know you have much experience in the "C" word and "hate" it just as much as me. I appreciate any and all prayers. She is a strong lady and my hero. I hope God has it in his plan to keep her here with us for awhile longer! Enjoy our weekend! God bless you.

Hugs from Missouri,

Renee said...

Ellie and her fashion. That girl is surely to be something in her older years. The bikini with boots? Oh my! :)

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful girls