Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ellie and the neighborhood boys.

 Guys, if I am just being truthful, I am EXHAUSTED!  We have made the paper to electronic conversion in the last week.  I feel like I am working about 60 hours a week.  I started the art classes for the kiddos twice a week.  Ellie AND Gabbi both started dancing AND gymnastics each at different times, last week.
 I am planning for a MOST awesome upcoming art retreat, which requires much study and dedication to get the personal growth stuff down pat.  The art stuff is the easy part!  And it's gonna be awesome if I do say so myself. 
 And.... well.... I am whipped!  Todd's mom and dad and bro and sis in law are coming in town tomorrow, so we'll be entertaining through the weekend.  We haven't seen them in months!
 I'm WORN OUT!  Have you been there?!  So, I am just going to have to tell you the story here and let the pictures speak for themselves.  This is Grayson and Reed and super blond headed, Cole.  They all live next door and across the street.
 And Ellie LOVES having boys all around.  Un. Cool!

 She claims she is "dating" Grayson who is in the blue shirt, and I am pretty sure it's because he is 7.  For the record, I do NOT talk about "dating" anyone to her.  I am not sure WHERE she gets it.  Emma Lou and the big girls next door , maybe?!
 So they're chilling... in dad's room... gonna get beat if he finds out they're jacking with his clubs. 
 and miss Big Shot decides it is time to head to the art room.

 I think ALL kids secretly LOVE art!!  And so the creating began.  Look at Ellie.  was she in her element or what?!

 She eventually stood up on that table and gave some mighty instructions!

 Bossy mcPossy.

 Check out her drawing.  I'll admit, I am pretty impressed with the control she has for her age.  She adds swirls to everything.  Wonder where she gets that from!  Ha.

 By the time they left, they were even adding stitches to their pseudo-canvases using her Hello Kitty sewing machine!

 For Ellie, this was a dream day.  All these boys, commanding attention, and making crafts.  Yeah... we are living the life!  ha
Happy Thursday, y'all!



Zhohn said...

Just reading your first paragraph made me tired! Rest up...some how!

Ellie looked like she was in heaven! And that girl has skills.

Amy K said...

Wow! She did a fantastic job. Definitely a gifted artist.
I love that she brought the boys to the land of creativity!
Hopefully you'll find time to relax with your company this weekend.

Cherry said...

Talk about being a powerful leader...She just got boys (older boys) to do art and That kid is a hoot...Boys better watch out....

Becky said...

your leadership skills are rubbing off on Ellie. Remmeber that you MUST build some "me" time into your daily schedule - I know you know that but sometimes you have to be reminded! Happy Thursday full of joy....

Susantwilhelm said...

Just gotta say that when I read the title, I spit coffee! All I could think of was Ellie in the hot tub in Florida with all the "Big Boys"! Yep -- Todd, better polish up his guns!

Beth E. said...

Ha! Boys and Hello Kitty sewing have got some future blackmail pics fo' sho'!

Goodness, girl, you're gonna burn out if you don't slow down just a little bit. I hope you catch a break soon!