Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Commitment- Talismans with time pieces.

Day two or three or four... they all started to run together!  ha., we talked about COMMITMENT.
A commitment is something that we make and STICK TO IT!!  A favorite phrase from this section is "When one really wants to do something he makes a way.  If he doesn't he makes an excuse."
Because commitment requires our promise of how we'll use our time, I got all these really cool time pieces, including watch gears and hands of a clock to incorporate into our handmade jewelry.
It was a talisman of sorts representing out commitments of time, talents, and money.
Tarzan wouldn't leave me alone!  This dog has fallen in LOVE with his mama, and wanted to be a lap dog 24/7. 
and sorry about the quality of these pictures, I used my iPhone the entire time!  Karie and Riley are getting CD of pics ready to send me with over 700 pictures, so I should be set!!
I just gave everyone a tray and loaded up the center of the table with beads of all metals... brass, copper, gold, and silver.  And then added beads of same metals, and all sorts of stones, crystals, spacers, etc.
I went through a little tutorial, but basically, these girls had it going on.  They were really talented in this area!
Speaking of commitment, as Riley said, I had NO IDEA how I could possibly squeeze one more thing into my calendar/ life.  But she wanted me to do another retreat, and I wanted to do it too.  I just needed some prodding.  So, I left it to her to decide on the dates.  And then, I COMMITTED.  And I also COMMITTED to studying an entire book and basically paraphrasing it for my group. 
There was a powerpoint to support every section of the Daily Dozen from "Make Today Count".
And here ya go...
This was mine.  It served as an example of using different lengths of drops, incorporating chain, using the gears, and having things represent specific things in one's life, i.e. talisman.
You go ahead, Jenn!!
And way to go, Karie!
Emery is the girl hired at MMPT who is artsy fartsy and came to provide a few tutorials at the retreat. 
These little eager beavers got a whole lot accomplished.  And there was little down time.  It took every minute of every day to wade through the information and get all the projects done.  More on this fun weekend tomorrow. 

Anybody going to Canton?!  I AM!!



Nana said...

Kim and two of her friends are going to Canton on Friday... I will have "kid duty"... I think it has been 2 years since I ran into y'all in the pavillion..buying mesh...
Have a great time!

Amy K said...

Ahhh, can't wait to see your great Canton finds. I always LOVE those posts too.

connie said...

hey can i get a kit to make a necklace and ear rings too just pick out the beads and other things to make them with i trust you for picking them out. i love your beads and materials to make them i wish i had as much as you do. your awesome at making jewelry. let me know how much for them i will pay you when i get paid hugs to you

connie said...

oh mo i need some emrald stones to make a set of ear rings and what ever you think will go with the ear rings thanks