Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MMPT.. a few things going on.

 How bout a little trip down MMPT lane.  When I take my kids to therapy, I never know what to expect.  Poor ol Kelsey is just trying to practice her walking, and Ellie Sue is chasing her trying to fix her hair.  I'd have made her stop, but Kels actually loved it.
 After all, wouldn't you want a "Big girl" such as Ellie doing YOUR hair?  I mean, she DOES have a blue streak in hers!
 See?  A match made in Heaven.  Nora, be afraid.  Be very, very afraid!
 When Kelsey gets her "land legs" going, she will be a force to contend with!!  For sho!
 Jessica taking her around for a stroll.
 This is my buddy, Dylan.  He was shot in the head during a duck hunting accident.  It hit him in the vision center so, as with Kelsey, we are believing in healing, for his sight.  I just love this dude! Great spirit.  Great attitude.
 And this is Mr. P.  His mom calls me his Godmom.  He is not happy with me right here, because on occasion, I have to be the bad guy and stretch his  little neck.  Oh, and his mom is the artist who created the tank that Ellie wanted to wear on her first week of school.  I'm sure I'll be posting more on her complete line in the very near future.

Who's been listening?? Or reading?  Does anybody remember what this diagnosis would be called?  Hint:  a "torqued column"....Anyone?
 Here's my student, Jenna, doing her final inservice to the staff on a test we use to evaluate kiddos.
 and then demonstrating a little.  Looks more like breakdancing to me!
 I, for one, love when we all hang out together at lunch.  This is my pediatric crew.
 At least the ones in the West Monroe clinic.  Today, I'll be hanging with the crew from Shreveport.
 It's tough to be strung between all the clinics, especially when we are all going paperless as of yesterday.  Evey therapist with a tablet computer to document all the treatments.  STRESS all around at MMPT.  But, it's all in the name of progress!!
Have a good Wednesday.  If you wanna swing by and see me at MMPT in Shreveport, HOLLA!



Nora said...

We are so blessed with our big girl friends!! And with a wonderful environment for Kels to grow up enjoying! We love MMPT!

Emily said...

I know this one! Torticollis! Too many years with you guys NOT to know! :)

Lakeville Vertical said...

Wish I could send my sensory children to you!!

MaryH said...

Love this! And I love how Ellie sees nothing else about Kelsey other than she needs her hair fixed. Not all children would react like that. Such a blessing for your clients to have your two girls in their lives.

Zhohn said...

Torticolis (?), you caught my attention last time you mentioned it bc someones blog I follow, her son has it!

Ellie is so sweet! Hope the paperless route is going smooth for y'all!!

snekcip said...

I knew the term sounded similar to "Tortoise" but couldnt quite remember the CORRECT name.

You need to employ Ellie as the CLINIC BEAUTICIAN!

The Mommy said...

I think the answer is torticollis?! My niece had it. I love how happy, joyful, and bright your office seems, all the while doing such important and serious work. Should someone have the need for therapy, it seems so much nicer than looking so "clinical".

Have a Blessed Day!