Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Complete and total randomness.

 Well,hello there.  I am not taking this picture because I look so fly. I'd imagine I was sending it to someone to accompany some text.  Maybe about wearing purple.  I love to include photos with my text messages.
 This is one of those totally random picture blog posts. EVERY one of my photos for about the past 6 weeks or so has been taken from my cellphone.  I just got tired of toting around a camera.  So, these are the random pics that I found when I uploaded my pics to the puter.  Above is Ellie checking out my stash from our new Ulta.  DUDE!  Do y'all have one of those?!  I am ALL about it.  I hear it's like Sephora, but then I have never stepped foot in Sephora.  I stepped lots of feet into Ulta!  And L.O.V.E.D it!!
 I am still amazed at the view in my backyard and the gorgeous sunset we get to enjoy most nights.  This is a good case of, "You shoulda whipped out the good camera, cause the cellphone just ain't cuttin' it!".
 And this is me and the Biebs at Ulta.  I put the fun tape around it with a cool app I have.  I love apps.  Do you?  Send me the name of a couple of your faves.  Especially if they have to do with modifying photos.  I.e. putting multiple pictures together, adding text, or things like the tape above.
 Have I mentioned that Todd has a new Pinterest account?  And I am GLAD of it!!  He's been making all kinds of good meals.
 I bought this ring for Emery at my office.  She is into pop culture and all things "weird".  She'll love it!
 Just because we now have Tarzan doesn't mean we have abandoned our precious Lizzie Girl.  She still reigns supreme in the Groves house!
 Random sunshine photo.
After walking what had to be a mile in West Palm Beach to a shopping center, rather than taking a cab like a normal person, (I think I was walking down a freeway!), I discovered Charming Charlies.  DUDE!
 I think you discovered in a recent post that I really, reallly like accessories!
 So Charming Charlie's was a nirvana.  I am pretty glad we don't have one nearby!
 There was a display for every color under the sun.  I got KK a back to school Louisiana Tech enamel bangle, and Mary Allison got a back to school purple and gold bangle set and long dangly earrings. 
 I walked past the window of Justice, and KNEW I had to stop in and pick up one of these... the question was...
 What color?  Purple or pink?!  We went purple for all our LSU soirees.
 Hey all you art retreaters, this is the book I've been contacting you about discussing at our retreat.  We are going to make an art project to represent all 12 concepts discussed in the book.  We'll make commitments to the "daily dozen" of things that can make a profound impact on our lives.  These will serve as our daily reminders and talismans.  Sounds fun, huh?! 

Oh, and did I hit the motherload or what?!  A little cafe in Barnes and Noble with ROCKING magazines.  I was in Heaven.
Random enough for ya?!
If interested in a FOUR day art retreat in two weeks, lemme know.  It's drawing nigh.  I have confirmation from Courtney, Riley, Riley's mama, Jennifer, Jennifer's friend, Karie is a maybe, and Anne, I am waiting for you.  Susan, wanna cook?!  You still read my blog?!



Zhohn said...

Share some of your photo apps you use, mine aren't that great!

Oh I love Charming Charlie's, there's one in BR, sometimes its overwhelming but I love the fact that everything is organized!!! I need to see Ellie in that vest, I bet she LOVED it!

Unknown said...

They have a Charming Charlies in north Jackson....Actually I think its between Madison and Ridgeland.....At that shopping mall.....Love Love Love

Sharidrew said...

Love random pictures! And your phone takes fabulous pictures. Better then my camera! LOL Todd is following me on Pinterest. I found it funny at first. But knowing how he loves to cook, there are A LOT of ideas on there. I'm not a very good leader as I have only pinned a few things. My facebook addiction takes up too much of my time!

Hugs from Missouri,

snekcip said...

Love that phone app!! Awesome!! Wait....isn't "CHARMING CHARLIE" just ENCHANTING to the soul!! I just love how it's all color coordinated!! No picking up earrings here and go all over the store to see if it matches this or that! It's all right there for you!! I go in there w/my oldest two daughters and I can truly say we are in there for HOURS on END!!! It's ridiculous!!! Yay for the retreat!! Boo...I won't be in attendance. 2 Weddings and a shower in Sept, ruined my plans!

stantonsmom said...

There is a Charming Charlies in Shreveport at the Shops of Bellemede. I watched them build it and could not wait until it opened.

stantonsmom said...

There is a Charming Charlies in Shreveport at the Shops of Bellemede. I watched them build it and could not wait until it opened.

Shannon said...

Apps you use?
What's Todd's Pinterest name?

Susantwilhelm said...

Of course I still read!!!! Unfortunately, I don't have one weekend free until NOVEMBER!!!! Otherwise I would soooooo be there!!!

Cassie12 said...

Mo......well...I answered you last night and said of course I still read!!! But it must not have posted!! It doesn't matter where we are traveling I still try to read every day. I would love to come and so would Melissa but whole family is going to be in Vegas in a couple of weeks and then I am off to Europe for a Riverboat cruise...lots of travel this year for me...I decided to take the whole year to celebrate turning 60!!! I so wish we lived closer I would have Sofia in your kids art class. We did enroll her in an after school art class but I know it will not be as good as yours. Melissa and I still talk about how much fun we had coming to your art retreat. It would be fun to see Riley again also. I know you all will have a great retreat.
Redwood City, CA

polly said...

The picture was sent to me to show off your new straightener! LOL You had just bought it the day before at Ulta I think. And you do love purple....GEAUX MO!!