Thursday, September 6, 2012

My birthday party at work.

 A blast from the past.  This is August 16th, my birthday.  I decided to wear one of Gabbi's Dora crowns to work.  After all, I WAS the "birthday girl".
 UGh.  What a horrible picture.  But I might as well be truly me and just show em all!
 On my way to work, Jake was telling me Happy Birthday.  Look a the rays.  Cool, huh?
 Keith, at work, made me this unbelievable birthday cake.  It was two layers of chocolate cake with a frosting layer in between.  It had chocolate frosting on top, with M&Ms on top, circled by KitKats, and set off with Rolos.  CRAZY, huh? 
 Everyone bought a little finger food for us to snack on throughout the day.
 They made me a banner that said "happy birthday, Melanie".
 and they had cute bunting hanging all around.
 But my favorite thing was the shirts that Emery had printed for everyone to wear.
 Oh.  Aside from the cute door art that was made by Gabbi, Ellie and Gabbi's speech therapy.
 We celebrated by building a pyramid.  I didn't even remotely suggest that I be on top!  ha.
 and THIS was the cool shirts that was made to celebrate my turning 43.
 How awesome is that?!  Love these, Emery!
I love my staff and co-workers!



Zhohn said...

You're so loved! That's because you're such an awesome person!

I do love the shirts ;)

Beth E. said...

What a great birthday! You are blessed, Mo. You have a great home and at work! :-)

Christy said...

Awww... You are so loved!!! To be loved so greatly you have to love the same way.. We all know you have a lot of love to give!!

Amy K said...

Awesome shirts! Great birthday celebration!

Sharidrew said...

What a great celebration! I love birthdays and it's important to celebrate even as an adult! I don't like cake and I totally want a piece of that yummy cake! HOLY MOLY! Glad your birthday was a special one! You are surrounded by wonderful people that's fo show!

Hugs from Missouri,

Becky said...

That cake looks Y-U-M-M-Y!!!!!!!!! And I do love the shirts... what an awesome work crew!

snekcip said...

Now that's a CUTE SHIRT!!!!! You have an awesome staff!!!

PS That cake gave me a toothache just looking at it!! LOL!!!!

Renee said...

Super cool T's. Sounds like July/ August is a busy birthday time for ya'll.