Monday, September 3, 2012

Random Ellie pics AND a RETREAT UPDATE.

 Ellie:  "Hey mom, look.  He looks like Justin Bieber."  (on the trampoline box)
 And this is just a random photo of my girls.  Gabbi in the cute matching outfit, and precoius little girl sandals.  Ellie in Toms, a Justice tee, and likely a well placed off the shoulder tank.  Oh, and blue streak in hair.  Lawdy.
 One of my patient's mamas just started designing tanks and onesies and sent a sample for each of my girls.  This was Ellie's first week of school.  She chose that tank, a cut off denim mini skirt and pink glitter Toms.
 And then she posed with her outfit for the next day.  I decided not to argue, rather just added a little jacket to try and offset all the skin on display for all the kindergarteners.
 And have I mentioned Moonshell?  This is the crab Emma Lou brought Ellie from Gulf Shores.  And see Moonshell in the bottom right corner?  That is what a dead crab looks like when it leaves it's shell for the last time.  

 The girls wanted to take a final picture with good ol' Moonshell!

 Ellie before school.  And by the way, she has decided she really doesn't like school.  That's bad, because she has another 12 years of it! 
 I ask her eveyday what she learned, and all I ever get is "I don't know"...
"BUT, you should see the cute little jacket that Avery had on."  And every day it is the same.
 All I know so far about kindergarten is what all the girls in her class wear! 
 Avery wore a maxi dress.  Jansen wore a "ballet tutu".  Isabella wore a cute skirt.  Blah, blah, blah.  It's pretty humorous how much she is into fashion!
 In fact, I asked her today if she'd like me to find her someone to teach her to sew.  She was in the bathtub yesterday and had two wet rags tied in a knot on each side, with a rubberband, on her sister to make a "red and blue skirt".  It seriously reminded me of Project Runway when the designers are fitting their models.
 We're not doing soccer and we skipped tee ball.  We have dancing and are adding gymnastics this year.  She'll also do the art class with the big kids starting next week.  But, I think we could work in a sewing class if I could find one.  It'd be right up her alley!
 It DOES look like Justin Bieber!
 RIP Moonshell.

OK.  I have ideas a-flowin for the art retreat in a couple of weeks.  I just need a final head count.  It'll be Friday, the 21st at noon through Sunday, the 23rd.  If you need to come in on Thursday night, no sweat.  I have plenty of beds, so I can hook you up.  I have a lot of new things for us to do, vs only painting.  I need those of you who are going to partake to send me your email and cellphone info so I can send you the details!  Riley and Jennifer, if y'all are bringing friends/ kin, I need their numbers/ email info too! Send to

I have Courtney C, Anne O in Colorado, Kerrie BP, Riley and mom and maybe friend, Jennifer and friend, Kaye C, Sandy P and maybe sister and mama, Rebecca C  as my prelim participants.  You all still in?  We'll be in contact in the next couple of days. 



Zhohn said...

I just love Ellie! She will keep you young Mo! I think she would love sewing.

Amy K said...

I wish I was coming to your retreat. No go this time, as I got my hand crushed last week, and am NO good as a lefty!
As always, love seeing/reading about your girls.
First day of school here today, and appt with a hand specialist - happy day! :)

MaryH said...

Okay, something happened when I tried to post last time - try again - Ellie would love a sewing class - even from an individual who would love to teach her some basics - she is a visionary.

Renee said...

That girl knows what she likes. Too funny.