Saturday, September 8, 2012

Georgia Boots and an art retreat shout out.

 This is one cute kid.  And might I add sweet as molasses?!
 One of our friends was selling these cute Georgia boots, and I knew my Gabbi Girl HAD to have them!
 She wanted to wear them with a denim mini skirt, and I think it couldn't have been cuter!
By the way, I am up at 5:00 am on a Saturday morning finishing the book I intend to hash over at our upcoming retreat. 

Jennifer and Lisa:  I cannot seem to get an email response to you!!  I have told everyone else.  The retreat will be THURSDAY at noon through Sunday at noon!  We WILL be incorporating lots of juicy personal growth info into our retreat, with our projects supporting the commitments we make to ourselves over the weekend.  I promise, it'll be awesome!!  So, I'll next try to reach you on Facebook.

Anne, do you have your flight info yet? I'll send a driver out to get you and plan on staying with us on Wednesday night.

Riley, tell your mama to get ready!  It won't be "too preachy"!  ha.  It'll be TOO AWESOME!

Karie... soooo?  You in?!  Gotta start buying supplies.

Courtney... I've got you ON THE LIST.  We're doing the trade out thing!!  My house is gonna be CLLLLEEEAAAN!

Kaye:  what's up girl?  Haven't heard for sure.  You in?  Holla. 

Rebecca:  It's on like a chicken bone! 

Does that about cover it?! 
Have a good Saturday, y'all.



Zhohn said...

Oh Gabbi looks adorable!!!

I'll make a retreat at some point in my life!

Sandy P said...

What makes these Georgia boots? I was expecting a bulldog on them!