Monday, September 10, 2012

KK's 22!!

My fellow August birthday girl, KK, had a soiree' at the Groves house for her big number22.
She invited some of her besties from way back in the day.  There's KK, Britney, Beth, Courtney, and Judy.
Even Miss Lizzie decided to hang with the girls.  She has to be the world's greatest dog.  Everyone who comes over here says it!
And this is Lauren.  Most of these girls are also first cousins.  Hopefully, Ellie, Madi, and Gabs will stay best buds into their college days like this!
My little monkeys were in the mix.
and this is what we did.... we had a jewelry making party.
Painting parties around here are getting a little ho-hum.  I mean, they're fun, but it seems like they are popping up everywhere, and there are just so many places one can hang a canvas.  Soooooo...
We put an interetsing spin on the ol' paint party!  We designed earrrings.
I handed out plates.  "e" plates to be exact.  Anyone remember those from Ellie's second birthday party with the owl theme at the old house?!  See?  You can always reuse/ recycle, even if you are of the hoarding set!
This is what my angel baby, Gabbi, did for me.  I had these totally separated, but color, shape, luster, etc. I coulda cried!
This is how I kept it all separated.  The girls were to sit around the base metal they wanted to use.... silver, brass, bronze, or gold.  And then, we started designing with the color.
It got pretty intense.  I can whip out an earring in about .05 seconds, so it's amusing to me when people spend 20 minutes finding 2 beads to stack.  We eventually got it done! 
I even had all these cool gears and clock hands available for the choosing.  Hey art retreaters, after seeing this picture, we need to use these for something cool too!
Ellie came in for moral support.
and finally.... our loot.
These were college girls, so a lot of these got LONG and FLASHY!
I like em like that too!
Have you seen a favorite pair yet?

I think all in all, we had a successful par-tay for our favorite babysitter and second mama for my kids, our sweet KK!
She always treats my kids like they are hers.  Seriously, I think she'll cancel plans and not tell me if I ask her if she's available to keep them.  She just loves them like that.  And if she already has plans, she'll just take my girls with her if the situation supports their being there.
They totally love her.  And Todd and I adore her.  As any of you parents out there know, if you find someone you can totally trust with your kids, and know they will be responsible, consistent, and love them on top of all that, you are a rich person indeed.

So, KK, although a little past due, we love you and thank God for your sweet life.  Thanks for loving my girls!



connie said...

hey mo i love the ear rings i was wondering can i have the beads to make some of those ear rings nd all the stuff to make it with i want to make 2 sets of each one i want i love those ear rings here is the number of the pictures and i will describe what they look like ok can u email me and tell me how much for them i will pay you for them i may get more of them if you have the beads let me know ok here is the picture numbers picture 22 the beads on the ear rings are lady bugs pearls a blue color bead on the end...
the 2nd one i want is
picture 20
the gold round beads dark green bead and the end one is a gold square bead i love the ear rings i wish i had beads like you do im trying to get beads simlar to yours i go to bead shows and get some from that and i have a bead store i go too message me on facebook ok let me know how much for 2 sets of each one or maybe 4 its according o how much you want for the beads and if you have them in stock.. i love your beads and materials that you use

ohh i love he pictures of kk's birthday party you threw for her and ohh the ear ring making at her party how awesome i wish i lived close to you you could throw me a party and we can make jewelry for my party .. kk looked like she had a blast and so did her friends i hope to hear from you soon oh you can message me on facebook instead of emailing me ok

Renee said...

Happy Birthday KK.

Amy K said...

Happy Birthday to KK! What a fun way to celebrate, and for you to celebrate someone so special to your family.
I love the turquoise earrings...go figure!