Monday, August 27, 2012

Yoga and Tarzan

 Ok, so while Ellie and the hired help, Hannah, were in the kitchen practicing downward facing dog, Gabbi was settling in with her new man sidekick, Tarzan!
 Do you think she is in love or what?!
 This seems to be Tarzan's favorite spot too.  When they were outside when I came home today from work, Tarzan was chasing Gabbi around everywhere she went.   I think they will be truly best buds over the years.  (Ellie is so rough that she scares him to death!)

 So, while these two were in the bed bonding,...
 Ellie was in the den learning to stretch her outer hips, apparently.
 Hannah took a yoga class and had a lot of things to teach her.  ANd Ellie is ever the willing subject if it has to do with dancing, gymnastics, obviously yoga, and most importantly, big girls.
 Hannah's  brother does therapy at my office (and has for about 9 years), so she's like one of the family.  She needed an after school job, so she is now helping out at MMPT.
 And MMG HOUSEHOLD as it was to get all decorated for a big Rainbow extravaganza.
 WHat now?!
 Of course, Warrior pose! Or was it Warrior 2 pose?
 and all the while....
 This is one happy, happy kid!


Christy said...

love how much Gabbi loves Tarzan!!

Zhohn said...

They're so different but both so very previous. Tarzan and Gabs will be lifelong buddies.

How is Ellie liking school??? All of her classmates matching? Haha ;)

Jerelyne Nemanich said...

How old is Tarzan? Is he housebroken?

Just love the snuggling pictures!

Beverly said...

I don't think Gabbi could be any happier! I love Tarzan and Gabbi together. What a pair and what fun they are going to have.

Amy K said...

It definitely looks like Gabbi & Tarzan are a perfect match. I hope she had a wonderful 4th birthday.

snekcip said...

I think you are gonna have to change Gabbi's name to Jane...because her and Tarzan are a perfect together!!! Too adorable!!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I just got back from NY & went right to your blog to see what I missed and low & behold, Tarzan!! Mo, Gabbi & Tarzan sleeping in bed together......just precious!Your right, she is in love - how cute is that?
And Ellie with her big friends - she IS in her element - for sure.
You do have the cutest kids and I appreciate you sharing them with all of us.
Have a wonderful day,
Diana from Colorado

Amy said...

So cute, that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Happy belated 4th birthday Gabbi!

Renee said...

I'm not sure who loves who more with Tarzan and Gabbi. Too sweet.