Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some mo' rainbow party

 As you would expect at a Rainbow party, we had a rainbow project!  I have seen this on Pinterest, but had never actually tried it.
 I just kind of gave it a whirl!  Not sure what this face is all about on Ellie Sue!
 We got all the crayons hot glued on, and let the little ones use the heat guns to melt the crayons.  I think some of the instructions say let the canvases sit out in the sun for the crayons to melt downward.  we didn't have that kind of time in our two or so hours of the party. 
 I tried using hair dryers and ummm... no!  They would BLOW the wax sideways and the colors would mix and mute.  Not pretty.
 We also had rocks to be painted, as rocks are one of Gabbi's most favorite things in the world! In fact, she never even made it over to the crayon table.  Every person at the party did a canvas EXCEPT Gabs!
 But don't feel sorry for her.  She chose to stick with the rock painting!
 Oh, by the way, using a heat gun (the kind used for melting embossing powder and can be found near stamps and stamp pads in an art store) was the way to do it.
 After a long day of partying, a popsicle was in order.
 We sat out on my newly set up covered patio area (get ready art retreaters, we'll be handing out there!) and enjoyed a popsicle.
 My baby girl had a fun day.  Both birthdays are now in the rearview mirror!!   I can store up ideas and plan for a whole 'nother year before throwing another one!  It was fun, but back to back parties is a lot of work.  Glad my sweet girls liked theirs.


Marcia said...

What a fun party for a sweet girl! Another fun project with rocks is to heat them in the oven and then press crayons on them. The crayons melt onto the rocks and are really bright and pretty. Ours have sat outside all summer and still look bright!


Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ It looks like it was a wonderful party!! Miss Gabbi does not look like she missed anything -how cute painting rocks.
And Ellie right smack dab in the middle of it all having a ball. Your girls could not be cuter if they tried!!
I had a WONDERFUL week in NY with my three girls (and 1 of the girls fiancée’) We spent 4 days in the city and then headed out to Long Island to my cousins and got to go to the beach in the Hamptons!!! It was way too much fun.
Have a wonderful day today,
Diana from Colorado