Thursday, August 30, 2012

Witness a miracle.

 I had a really great "support staff" this past summer!  I mean, I got spoiled!
 Courtney, aka CoCo, has that organization gene.  And I am really glad that she has it, cause I DO NOT.  Wellll.... that's all relative, I suppose.
  I DO actually like to organize my art stuff.  But when it comes to the overwhelming nature of my clothes or my jewelry, I cannot even begin to think about it.  It's just too much!
 So while I was working, she got after my closet!  And I mean, she totally rearranged things and made them fit much more efficiently.  Although KK had the arduous task of keeping the kids out of the way, I have a feeling she also assisted in this overhaul.
 And because I am a borderline hoarder, they also put all the clothes that are about a size (or two!) too small and put them in Rubbermaids in the top of my closet.  Attagirl, CoCo.
 And my sweatshirts were a nightmare.  I also needed an LSU section, because the season is upon us, and I will need my gameday gear at hand!
 See that little shelf in the photo above?!  I cannot even begin to tell you the peace that has created with my coming home, taking off my watch, hanging up my earrings, and having nothing fall off into the top drawer that has created.  It's my favorite part of the whole shindig.
 And then there are my shirts.  Or some of my shirts.  We have a system, of course.  It's ROYGBIV!  Yessss!!
 I was trying to get a shot of the whole closet, but you-know-who would not get out of the shot.
 And then there was this pose. 
 Jewelry is not all managed, and I can at one glance see what I have and plan an outfit.  I typically plan things around the jewelry I feel like wearing! 



I need her to come do mine lol. That looks awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Mo, I'm a long time reader, but please forgive me when I tell you this is just so excessive. While I appreciate the work that your friends did, it's just too much--you have too much. I'm sorry. I know it's your right to post whatever you want, and it's my decision to read it, and I guess I need to make the decision not to read if this bothers me. Please consider reading a book called 7 by Jen Hatmaker.

Unknown said...

Funny. Kate, you're right. It's just your opinion. I am a keeper. I am sentimental about everything. I have my first Ugg boots that I bought before Todd and I got married 16 years ago. I have bought a new pair about every other year since. And I love them. I built the house of my dreams with a closet to keep all my things in one spot. I don't even use drawers in my room. I have everything in my closet, including my duffle bags, sweats, coats, and all my clothes. The majority of my jewelry was made by me, and again, it "means" something to me. It's ok if you feel this way. I like to live the way I like to live. I am authentic.

Unknown said...

Oh, and that was not "Unknown", it was me, Mo. NOt sure why it posted as such.

Crystal said...

I love that you are real and show before and afters. Great work! You inspire me. :)

Brooklyn said...

Great work, Coco and KK!

Brooklyn said...

Great work, Coco and KK!

Zhohn said...

That was a task! Great job girls!
Now Mo, keep it up ;)

kimybeee said...

i can see why you love having those girls take care of you and your family!!

maybe ellie and gg will learn some of those skills? i am guessing the girls worked in other places in the house too?

and what about isaac???

Christy said...

Very nice! I love that you have so much.. Definitely wouldn't say too much. You deserve everything you have... You've actually earned it! Your love for life and those who are a part of your life is amazing!! Glad you have some organized people helping you get organized :)

Sharidrew said...

I actually like that Kate voiced her opinion. A lot of times people don't say what they feel. The world is made up of many kinds of people! No one is alike. That is what makes it great. I agree it's a lot of stuff. I also think that there is no question that Melanie is a kind and giving person. She gives everyday. She's a giver! :) So hoard on Melanie! You are authentic! And as an OCD personality, I personally LOVE the organization! Way to go CoCo and KK!! (this comment was not intended to attack Kate for her opinion, we are all entitled...)

Hugs from Missouri,

melanie, aka Mo said...

Shari, I am in agreement. Note no attack from me. But no apology either. You're right, think what you think and live how you live. Variety IS the spice of life!

I have a lot. I keep a lot. I give a lot. But know this, I also work a lot!
( and for the record love a lot too!)

Joan said...

Can I live in your closet? HaHa

I am sentimental too. I get you.

I agree that we are all different.

I always keep in mind that Mo called her house the "BAH". I love your personality, Mo. I do find you authentic.

Love Joan

Susantwilhelm said...

Can she come to my house????

Renee said...

Woooow, those girls did AWESOME! Enjoy, but know sometimes, it doesn't take long to mess it all up again.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Susan, wanna come cook at a retreat in Septmeber ?

snekcip said...

Whoooa baby!! Guess KK and CoCo took LABOR DAY literally because that was SOMMMMME LABOR!!!
I like the way Sharidrew summarized "differing opinions" and I like how Mo handle it.
I'm NOT SAYING that Kate was wrong for her opinion, because she is entitled and when you blog you have to be open to differing opinions. I just like how everybody kept it ONE HUNDRED!! NO malice or hard feelings.

Have a great LABOR DAY ladies!!!

Riley said...

I love your closet Mo and "get" you because I too am a keeper. Each person is sentimental in their own ways and to different degrees. You happen to be a keeper - so be it. Just as you said, you love, keep, work, give, and live a LOT. You receive and share so much joy. Reading your blog and seeing your pictures shared on facebook gives me a piece of your joy. I'm all for having a joy-filled life and days. Thank you for being authentic. I am grateful that you joyfully use your gifts - especially through art! Keep on being YOU.

Becky said...

LOVE the closet! Wish I had a huge closet like that! Can KK and CoCo come to Minnesota and help me organize? You can come with to decorate!!