Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sipping Chocolate

 More Camp Darby.  Well, would ya look at that?!  I am staying on the same topic for two straight days.  Yay me.
 So, Aunt Darby owns a really great store, I am told in Natchez, MS, (or actually about three of them).  And in that store, they sell some interesting things.  One of which is a true southern lady delicacy.  That being sipping chocolate.
 ANd no true southern lady would dare sip chocolate without a proper hat on.  So, we first had to have a hat decorating party.
 Hey, there's Aunt Darby! And Miss Ellie Sue.  Hanging with the big kids, as I am certain you are in no way surprised.
 There ya go, Gabs.  Looking good, girl!
 And then it was time.  The chocolate was warmed in the sauce pan, and served in perfect little cups.
Aw, come on... what are these little cups called?  I can't actually remember.  It starts with a "d".
 My Gabbi is a lot like her mama.  If it is chocolate, she likes it.  Make it warm, and it is a 10!
 And then, try as I may, she just didn't really want to participate.  She loved making the hat, but she didn't like it on her head.  "IT WON'T STAY ON!!"  And I didn't feel like arguing with her.
 Even though every single other kid present seemed to do just fine with theirs!!
 I gotta be honest.  Now that I know about sipping chocolate, I think I may have to have some of this around for my own Christmas parties. 
 So, once again, so glad we were invited to this unique event.

So, if my calculations are correct...
interested parties in a retreat are as follows:
Jennifer J and a friend
Julia S.
Kaye C
Sandy P, her sister, and her mama
Rebecca D
Did I miss anyone?  I am going to start working on specifics.  I have had TWO earring making parties this weekend, and I have this DOWN PAT, so that will be a part of the weekend for sure. 


blessedmomof3 said...

The hats are precious and the chocolate sounds delicious. Those are demitasse cups! What a fun girls event!!!

Leigh ann

Unknown said...

First time writer, because I am interested in the retreat too -- have been wanting to come to one of these since you first started writing about them!

Countme in if I can make the dates work!

Anne from Colorado

Bj said...

Such a cute idea!! Looks like the girls all had fun for sure! I'm with you on the "anything chocolate" it! Hugs, BJ

Riley said...

I've never heard of sipping chocolate. It sounds like another great way to enjoy chocolate - yum! Count me and my mom in for the retreat. I have a friend that is interested, but not committed too. Earrings sound great for the retreat! I'm going to bring along my talisman too because the chain broke (and I lost one of the earrings that matches it). I would also love to see some mixed media in the form of mini books or canvases. Of course textured canvases are always great too!! So super duper excited!!!! I've talked about your art retreat this whole past year. Your joy that you share has no bounds! Love me some Mo and Mo'Joy.

SK said...

Aunt Darby's must own Darby's. It's one of my favorite stores in Natchez. They sell the BEST fudge! They also have cool merchandise.

SK said...

Aunt Darby must own Darby's. It's one of my favorite stores! They sell THE BEST fudge! They have great merchandise also.

MaryH said...

Demitasse cups. Love the sipping chocolate and the hats. What a fun camp - wish I was a kid again.

CDearing said...

They are demitasse cups. My mom had quite a collection of demitasse cups and saucers when I was a child. Perfect for little girls!