Thursday, August 2, 2012

Camp Darby. On the pier

 Camp Darby (and yes, it is the owner of Darby's in Natchez.  as well as D Short furniture store, and a rug store that I can't wait to visit!!) was the most exciting to me because of this.
 I LOVE me some Louisiana backyard scenery.  Especially when it involves cypress trees and a body of water.
 All the girlies were itching to go down to the dock, but we all had a deal.  Never without an adult.

 So several of us trekked down there with them.  And would you look at this... that sunset.
 It was gorgeous.

 I took little Miss Kelsey down there.  Can you find her?
 Know what's so awesome about her?  She can now be stood between a couple of fairly young cousins, and they can actually manage her in standing.  This could not have been possible last year.  She is doing so much better!  And for the record, she is smack in the middle, with her two older cousins holding her hands.
 Gabs and Miss Darby are far right.

 And then my flighty little fairy meandered off like she tends to do and was playing alone.

 She had a balloon, so she was all good.

 This baby is so precious.
 Here's the front view.  Amazing what a little change of lighting will do for a photo!
 Cute cousins!!
 That's Kelsey's sister, JK, far left in her blue shirt.

A little more Camp Darby to go..  After all, we still have the big art project coming up!!



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adrogan said...

Was this at Lake Bruin?? That sunset looks like it....

MaryH said...

Love the pier shots - and cousins are just the best - I have several of those myself.