Saturday, August 4, 2012

Camp's art day!

 Saturday morning.. I'm on!
 It's arts and crafts time.  Ellie and I packed up all the paints, canvases, palettes, rags, brushes, water cups, stencils, sprays/ spritzes and even aprons.  We wanted them to want for nothing!
 The girls gathered round the kitchen table and each chose her background color.
 And we let the shindig begin.  As you know, I am kinda partial to owls.  They are a super easy shape for kids to paint.  Owls as a subject require very little supervision, and when it comes to kid art, I like them to be as independent as possible.  See the samples (above) for the girls to look at and get busy?
 For some strange reason, Gabbi always requests black.  Maybe she is the next very famous painter, and her theme will be the "dark" and mysterious.  I have no idea.  But if she wants black, I let her choose it.  I really like their paintings to be THEIR paintings!!
 There's Miss Kelsey all snugged up at the end of the table too!
 I bought some cheapy letter stickers from Hobby Lobby before I left town, and admitted I was unsure as to how well they'd seal and keep the paint out, but we for sho were going to try!
 There are Kels and her sister, JK.  I love it that Kelsey is working by herself... right along with all the "big girls". 
 She's earning her "street cred" with all those cousins!
 I helped Gabs with her original owl shape, but that didn't keep her from adding a little circle in the bottom right hand corner.  But hey... I like to call it "flair"!
 Look at our model, Aunt Darby. And check out how well the girls' paintings are coming along.

 Seriously, this is the perfect painting project.  I have a little girl's birthday party coming up, and unless they have another subject matter in mind, I am sure, we will be doing owls. 
A little video to our dad from two of his girls.  He was playing in a golf tournament in the same town.  We were at Lake St. John.
 They even had a little hairdryer to get the background layers dry before we could add our foreground.
 So, this is where we are....
Tomorrow, I'll show the finished products.
Have a fun weekend.


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Mama J said...

Owl bet you girlies are having a great time! Owl also bet that the clean up was a Hoot!