Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camp Darby 2012

 Alright, I am going to do my best to stay focused for about three days in a row and give the whole story of Camp Darby.  Again, it is at an awesome camp at the home of Dennis and Darby  at Lake St. John in Clayton, LA... near Natchez, MS.  And this place is nothing less than sa-weeeeet!  Check out this back porch!
 And two of the grandmothers brought their granddaughters or nieces to come together for a week of crafts, fun food, hide and seek, boating, swimming, fishing, etc.
 We were very honored that aside from my being the "art director", I was also invited to bring my little girls along to join the show.  You see Miss Ellie Sue already finding her place among the "big girls".
 and there's Miss Gabbi Girl... deciding in the midst of the fun to make a pallet on the couch and just kinda chill.  So typical of this little girl of mine.
 This was the official Camp Darby tee shirt presentation.
 Paige is getting hers. 
 And then the big girls got theirs.
 MK made a big spectacle of each tee presentation.   Aunt Darby never even got out of her bathing suit! 
 There was clapping.  There were iPad photos by Aunt Sue.  And laughing by Nora. 
 Kelsey was presented with her little shirt.
 And I think she was pretty much cool with it.
 and then we witnessed a little hide and seek action.  This is Ellie and JK (Kelsey's sister) being "it".

ANd might I add, thanks so much for all those nice comments on my "remembering Jake" post earlier this week.  Wow, Maggie.  Such a NICE comment!  Thanks so much.  I had many messages sent to me via private messages on Facebook too, and I am most grateful.

So, expect more camp pics soon.  Riley, I am seeing what I can do about those retreat dates.  Anyone else immediately interested in coming to another art retreat?! 



The Shoemake Family said...

Yes on retreat. School starts aug 15th but I'm going to try and make it. I need a retreat.

Kaye Cannon said...

painting? yes!!!

Sandy P said...

Mo-My sister and I would love to bring our mom for an art retreat. We would have to work to get us all there at the same time though. My mom has a TBI and would be very timid about coming, but I know you would be good for her. And, we could exchange stories about our crazy Kindergarteners!