Monday, July 30, 2012

Gabbi and her buddy, Kelsey

 So, after jumping from our adventurous weekend 2 weekends ago, to my disorganized closet, to my grieving Jake, to.... well, let's get back to the adventure weekend! yeah.  Let's do that!

Ok, so here's the story.  My little Gabbi Girl, I think I've mentioned is a bit of a loner.  In a room full of kids, she is the one over in a corner, playing with a pillow or a rope or definitely some dog or cat.

And then there's Kelsey.  Kelsey would want to be rip roaring through that house with all those big girls, but she doesn't have that option.  She has cerebral palsy and can't walk.  Yet.
 So, as it is, it kinda works out.  What I mean by that is that their personalities totally support this sweet little friendship. Kelsey is passive enough for Gabs to enjoy some calm one on one time with a pal, and for Kels, someone takes the time to skip the big hide and seek game going on in the neighboring rooms and plays with her teeny Snow White doll.   When Kelsey shows up at therapy and Gabs is there, there is a huge grin on her face, and she says, "Gab-bi!".  And we make sure to let them have some bonding time in some sort of play activity.  After all, isn't friendship as important as walking?!  Maybe moreso?!

 I also love that Gabbi thinks absolutely nothing of Kelsey's braces since she has been around them since she was less than two weeks old and going to the therapy clinic with me in her infant seat.
 Kelsey has an extremely supportive and loving family.  This is her MK, (aka her grandmothe)r, who invited me to the annual Camp Darby experience.  It is a camp for all the grandgirlies in the family to gather at Aunt Darby's camp on Lake St. John.  And they invited us.  Because I am now officially the art director.  As it should be.  ha

 Back to these two.  They also hooked up later with cousin, Darby (namesake, obviously, of Aunt Darby), from Atlanta.  She is two years old, and she found out she kind of liked hanging out with this Terrific Twosome.
 Kelsey's mom had the foresight to pack her Tumbleforms seat to support her enough to allow her to sit alone.  And lucky for these three, it is on wheels!
 They were spinning her round and round, and she could not get enough.
 I'm telling you, I am surprised that her little chest is not bulging from the HUGE heart it holds.  She has more drive and spirit than just about any kid I have ever treated.  If "want to" could get her to walking, she'd already be running!
 And while MK loved on her sweet angel, I loved on mine!
 Now, just in case these videos actually show up, here's one for your viewing... please note Ellie trying to get Kelsey's ponytail back in shape while all the other three want to do is play!!  So typical.
I am blessed that my girls have friends of all abilities.
 And what a special thing a good friend is!




Zhohn said...

This may be the sweetest post ever! I've seen Kelsey a lot on Facebook, she's adorable. It's wonderful that your girls are growing up with kids (and adults!) of all sorts of disabilities and needs.

Nora said...

I will never forget the first time we met with Kelsey's neurologist and she told us what a compassionate child JK would be by growing up with a special needs sister......we are blessed beyond words and so thankful for ALL Kelsey's friends!

Amy K said...

What a wonderful opportunity for all you. Solid bonds and friendships formed. Love this!

MaryH said...

I can see a few other chests bulging with big hearts - Ellie, Gabbi and their mama. You teach them the right things and the right way.

Kaia said...

Such a precious post! Keep working with those legs, Kelsey!