Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Round the clinic

And as I moved a little farther down the hall,  ran into this weird office group.  Beth was being funny and turned to give me this nice shot.  She really doubted I'd put it on the blog.  WRONG!
And, above, please note the BIG TIME need for us to update our outside signage with the new logo.  This is my very first logo, whch I drew, by the way, waaaaaay back in 1995.  Since we have gradually become actually as vestedn adult patints as in pediatrics,  think we are due a change.  Don't you!? 

The "sign" below that is in our hallway in the peds building is rather timeless though!
We have the absolute necessties, a popcorn AND a snowcone machine!!  We do fresh popcorn every day.  And the patients and staff both love it!
I am not sure if I have ever shown the bathrooms in the peds building, but here's the boy's room.
And here's the girl's.  DId you ever think you'd see the day I'd be posting pics of my toilets?!!
For the record, I painstakingly painted every little stripe and diamond on that wall!  AND that plaid cabinet.

We DO keep a Geaux Tigers sign up year round too.  Less than a month and we'll be gathering at the Groves house for every single weekend... football tme!
Ok, so on our hand sanitizer dispenser, you can find my sweet girls.
And on the lightswitch, there are pics of several of the staff members in years past at Halloween.
This is now posted on our mirror.  Ahhh, the joys of photoshop.  See the boy on the left, Bobby, had a picture on his Facebook page of him and a bunch of his fraternity brothers were in a hot tub at some party.  We gave him total heck!  I mean for days and days, he got all the hot tub (and other) jokes!!  Sooo, remember that graphic designer I hired?  Emery?  Well, she worked some photoshop magic and put mine and keif's heads on his friend's bodies.  And then, they were posted all over the clinic.  It's how we roll.
This is the sweet kind of notes we get from our patients.  Sweet Ashton changed from our West Monroe clinic to our Monroe clinic, and we miss her.   Apparently she misses us too.
And remember when I asked all of you to "like" our Melanie Massey Physical Therapy Facebook page?!  And if Keif could mangae 1500 likes by the end of the week, I'd give him a "bonus".  I let him draw his "prize" from a cup, and he got a trip with his sons to Gulf Shores, deep sea fishing this fall.  He's pretty fired up.  So thank you all who went to our FB page!!
There's the big TV that we let the kiddos play the Wii on while we are working on balance, stretching, etc.
Just a few shots from around the clinic.
And this is a MAIN area in the pediatric PT gym!  We have a slide, a foam pit, stairs, beams, bolsters, trikes, and balls.  What else do you really need?!
We have this funny picture on the wall in our hall of Keif on 80's day several years ago..  That was hysterical!
And this is artwork from some of our patients.  We put marbles in a box, and let them drop them first in paint, then roll them around with assistance to hold the box. 
Mixon did this one.  I LOVE it!!  It's him on the red ball in therapy sitting under a rainbow!  How sweet is that?!  I haven't worked with Mixon in years.  But I'll always remember him.  I watched so many kids grow up in my clinic, and I love em like my own!
More on MMPT tomorrow. 



Amy K said...

Your patients just must love the joyous environment. I love all the little details. Those painted walls are amazing. And, I LOVE the switchplates. What a fun place to go to work everyday.

Zhohn said...

So sweet. Love the bathrooms!

snekcip said...

Such a HAPPY PLACE!! I LOVE THE BATHROOMS too!! Ellie and Gabby personalized hand sanitizers!! Cool!!! The "personal" touches brings such a TOUCH OF HOME!! It takes the "CLINIC FEEL" out it. If that makes since.!! BTW... I personally LOVE the LOGO Mo!!

PS Can I ask ALL of You and ALL of your FB FRIENDS to please "LIKE" my girls photo! She is #4 (FULL BODY photo in a Wizard of Oz dress!! PLEASE we need LIKES Everyone!! Please go to www.facebook/AimeesBowtique C'mon Mo...tell YOUR PEEPS!!!

Bethany said...

I now need to move so Braden can come be a patient of yours! Sooooooo envious of your patient care and FUN environment! You rock at your job!

MaryH said...

I just love the art work by your clients and the walls you painted in the restrooms and the photos randomly on light switch plates and hand sanitizer bottles. What a great place to inspire hard work and fun. Also, speaking as the mom of a graphic designer - those people rock! I love your original sign but if you are wanting it changed, you have a great asset there in your graphic artist who could design something you, as an the ultimate artist, could produce.

Becky said...

OMG! We can personalize our Thirty-One bags with LSU Tigers!! Let me know if I can hook you up!!! :)