Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MMPT more of it!

Hey, y'all... here's one of the GREATEST things about being a PT.... Babiiieeesss!!
This is Mr. Pearson.  He comes to see us so we can help him straighten out his neck.  And this is how we get it done. 
Someone recently made a comment that they couldn't do what I do, cause they couldn't treat those little babies like that!  They'd just want to hold them and hug them.  We do that a lot too!! 
But we also have to do what we need to do.  Lots of babies are born with a little tightness in their necks from where they were cramped in the intra uterine space during pregnancy.  Twins often have this issue.
It's called torticollis.  And it limits a baby's ability to hold their head upright or to fully turn it in one direction. See how when Mr. P turns his head to the right, he tilts it to the right as well?  Tilt your own head to the right.  (right torticollis), and now keep it there and rotate it to the right as far as you can.  See how it has the left side of your neck all stretched out?  And also see how it cramps up your right jaw and causes a tightness in the right side of your mouth?  It also kind of makes looking to the right harder.  It strains the eyes.  Try it again.  But remember, keep your head tilted far to the right.
And this big un's neck is about all worked out now.  He is doing great.  So, now we are working through developmental milestones that are age appropriate for him so that he can be symmetrical when he is on his belly, to look both ways, shift his weight both ways, and roll in both directions.  Again, if you are feeling energetic (I make my parents do these things too!) Lie on your back.  Tilt your head far to the right.  Now roll onto your left side.  Not a biggie, because you have a natural inclination to lift your head up against gravity with your "stronger" right side.  However, if you roll to your right, your left side has been all stretched out and weak and struggles to lift your ear up toward your shoulder as is the normal thing to do developmentally. Having fun yet?!
This was a fun day, because we had all those babies in the room at once, and it's always fun to have a big crew.
Plus, Keif had made homemade salsa and he was sharing with the parents!!

THis is one of the not very fun things about having a business....
keeping, sorting, and itemizing the hundreds of receipts in a year that are legitimate business expenses, but a pain to keep up with.  Any accountants out there mortified by my "fancy" system?!   At least it's getting done!
Here's sweet Lindsey.  We just LOVE her.  This girl has made some BIG TIME headway over the past year.  She never gives up, and now her hard work is paying off.
And have I told you that I do this?!  Yep.  Me and my little old lonesome self.  Noone else is interested in helping me.  But, I have tremendous success in my little neck of the woods.  Maybe I'll do a whole blog on this one day.  I help people with urinary or fecal incontinence, pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, constipation, or dyspareunia (pain with intercourse).  Betcha didn't know I did all that too!
Cute little pictures of my girls on my makeshift desk down in the adult building.  I have newer pics, but I love keeping the older ones up where my babies were really babies!
This is Summer's planner.   I thought it deserved a spot on today's "round the clinie" post.
MK bought me this super cute little journal for helping with Camp Darby.  She said she thought it looked like me.  And I happen to love the word, "Joy".   Maybe I'll use it this weekend on my big trip to West Palm Beach.  Anybody from there?!
This is a shot of the adult office.  They are always hustling and a bustling in there!!  And please note the cute ceiling.  You can't really make out the coral stripes in this picture, but I assure you, I dragged a ladder around that room when we first moved in, dragging a paintbrush to do that ceiling all by myself.  It was NO fun!  But, I sure like the results.
Ok, as promised, Tour de MMPT contnues.



Zhohn said...

You have shared that you help those with pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, etc. You didn't go into details though ;) lol

I love seeing your offices! Whatever you need to do to keep up with receipts, etc., do it! I'm surprised the envelopes aren't colored or decorated.
Happy Wednesday!

Sharidrew said...

Loving the tour. Your work is such an inspiration!! Keep it up, girl!

Hugs from Missouri,

Kris said...

Love seeing your workplace. I remember one of my boys having to do the neck stretch - nice to have the explanation. He is 16 now, and that took me back.

Kristina said...

If ever anyone in my family needs physical therapy I am coming to LA!! Can we stay in the BAH?

Becca said...

I start PT this week for dyspareunia. Totally freaking out about it and hoping it is not too awkward!

Becca said...

I start PT next week for dyspareunia. Totally freaking out about it and hoping it is not too awkward! Too bad I don't live closer to you.

snekcip said...

Ok I was do the "torticellis" you described above and my co-worker gave me the ODDEST look. She said "you ok"...I just said..."Oh yeah...I was just following this "exercise that my friend was explaining on her blog". She gave me a quick smile and said "ok!", glad I didnt perform the "floor routine" you described above! I probably would have REALLY gotten the side-eye!! Hmmmph...they don't know the things they are missing out by not reading Mo Joy! I know I have learned some valuable things. Sure as heck didn't know you do ALL THAT STUFF!! So are you a proctologist on the side? Jussssst kidding!!!

Ok!! Where are we going next? THe Bah? Tutorials? Holiday time? Vacation? Or just a typical day "Mo'sing around" w/the kiddos??!!!

Rebecca said...

Can you help with bed wetting?? I'm being serious. We have tried many things. Urine is clear, stopped drinking at a certain time,everything. Suggestions????

Dottie said...

sorry that I will miss you this weekend. They changed the schedule and we have to take my son up to pensacola for college...Enjoy yourself while down here and it is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend.....


Becky said...

Funny! Were you imagining all of us at our computers doing "exercises"... cuz you know we all tried it! And that tilted head thing IS hard... poor little guy!!


Enjoying the tours of the MMPT clinic! Thanks for sharing!