Sunday, August 12, 2012

MMPT all week long

I think this week will be "check out my office y'all week".  This is my view from my desk.
And this is my newly organized desk, compliments of my PTA, Jessica, who goes above and beyond to help her boss in ways that are not necessarily in her job description.
Funny thing, though.  This is BESIDE my desk!  This is how she divided up my stuff, into "take this stuff home", or "Personal filing" or "to do later", etc.  Yeaaaaah, right!  If I didnt' do it the first go round, what makes you think it's gonna happen now?! 
This is the view to my left.  I am adding some new squares in different colors, as well as cork to continue to add the "fun" stuff that inspires me.
I finally bit the bullet and hired a graphic designer.  This is Emery.  It is so much fun having her on staff.  She handles birthday banners, cupcakes on the fly, Sunshine baskets for pick me ups, and marketing.
And in the foreground, Patchez, OT.  She is the one teaching my baby girl to put her clothes on and take them off, including her shoes and socks.  She's also helping her with her letters, numbers, and pre- kindergarten skills. 
This is a sign that was made when Emery started.  I think I've shown this before, but in case I haven't, it was all the adjectives that my staff submitted to let Emery know who/ what we felt we were and stood for.  Cool!
This is an example of the kind of cute stuff that we have lying around for use when the mood or moment strikes.  This is an awesome banner made by my bud, Breanna.  And... note that vinyl in the background.  We also have a vinyl machine.  Yeah, I'm braggin'!!  But, I mean, WHAT PT clinic do you know of that has their very own vinyl machine?!!
This is a RARITY!!  An empty hall.  More than likely the rooms are full, but this is pretty wild!
We had a little girls' movie night a few weeks ago, and this was the background we had as a photobooth opportunity.  It is so dang cute.  It had to live a few more weeks, just for the cuteness factor!!
And I am almost positive I've shared this fun wall in our waiting room.  It was painted several years ago, after seeing a similar wall in D Clinic (solid tumor clinic, and also Jake's), at St. Jude.
Emery recently added fun little cork boards n frames n the middle of them.  We add notes from families, polaroids, and general memories from our days.  And I guess you've figured out by now that this is my West Monroe pediatric clinic.  I am going to ask folks from all of my clinics to send me pics this week to share.  Staff, surroundings, waiting rooms, equipment, patients, whatever!
Hope you enjoyed our first of many MMPT posts this week!  Stay tuned.


Zhohn said...

So inspiring! The liveliness, JOY, happiness and love in these pictures. It is so obvious that you and your staff love your jobs!!! Most of the people that need your services have every right to be down and discouraged but with a place like that how could they!!
I love the wall in the waiting room, adorable.
Can't wait to see pics from all of the offices.

When does Ellie start school?? We can't miss that BIG day! ;))

Renee said...

Way cool put with your deco skills I wouldn't expect anything less

Amy K said...

I just love the bright, cheery colors of your clinics.
You made me laugh with your comment...what makes you think it's going to happen this go around?!
Love your inspiration boards/wall.
Happy Monday - thanks for sharing your professional side of life with us also.

snekcip said...

Believe it or not...the beautyshop where I go has the same CHECKERED BLACK/WHITE FLOOR AND LIME WALLS!!! Great minds think alike!!! Loving the "LAGNIAPPE" of post!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

PS just txt'd you!