Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recital pics

 My good buddy, Linda Lou, send me all these pictures of my girls from their recital back n May.  Gabbi is in the pink costume, and Ellie Sue is in the turquoise. 
 Gabbi is second from the end on the left.  Ellie is on the end on the left.
 It's the weekend, and I had a slap CRAZY week this past week, so I am taking the weekend off. 
 Enjoy these FORTY-SEVEN pictures of my girls.
 I'll be back in action tomorrow night.  I took your recommendations to heart, and took a whole bunch of pictures around my clinic.
 So the next pics you'll see are from work on Friday. 

 Madi... fourth one, mouth wide open. 

 Oh, by the way, Madi s front and center in the middle.  She's just right of the center line above.

 You cannot even imagine the amount of hip action that was going into this dance!!

 See that cotton top?  Fifth from left?  That's Ella Kate from across the street.

 SOLO!  But only because she was first out.  Once the rest of her class came out, the special attention was over.  But I LOVE that she is confident enough to rock that big stage all by her four-year-old little self!

 I think Ellie Sue is more the tap/ /jazz kind of gal.  She is good in ballet, but I think she shines in the jazzier, upbeat programs.

 The finale.

Hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane. 


Zhohn said...

Oh my goodness, Ellie all alone on that big stage is BEAUTIFUL!

I love dance recitals, especially the little ones. Looks like Gabbi enjoyed also. Wonderful pics for the girls when they are older.

Ballet always warms my heart but I love some Jazz, I bet it does fit Ellie better with her up beat personality!

Amy K said...

Love this. Dance recitals always amaze me, because you can just tell how much they love it. Ellie Solo? That's awesome!
How many girls are in the entire group photo? Wow!
EnJOY your weekend off - you deserve it!

Becky said...

Awwww... sweet dance pics! Enjoy the weekend!

Renee said...


MaryH said...

Wonderful! Elle is going to be a star and Gabbi is going to be a vet (a star vet) - such cute pictures.

polly said...

Love those babies!! Ellie cracks me up....she is YOU!