Thursday, August 9, 2012

Randomness, glorious randomness!

First let me discuss this situation.  I am losing my hair.  Anyone care to chime in here?  Some say it's hormones.  Some say it's lack of protein from my stupid lapband restrictive diet.  Some say it's drinking tea.  Seriously, I've heard it all!  But  know that I am sick of it.  And I recently had bloodwork that showed nothing but low iron.  Would that cause it?!  Ok.  Moving on.
The above is when Ellie made her own bed and called me in there to show me.  I am DIGGING that!!
And then here's Gabbi with Paula and Johnnye's dog, Rosie.  When we go over there, she typically piles up in Emma Lou's bed, watches Little Mermaid and hugs on the weenie dogs!
And here we are taking a family photo in our communal bed.  NOPE.  Still haven't gotten Ellie out of our bed. We tried again Monday night, and she cried for four hours.  Then, started yelling "MY EAAAAR!"  As if!  She called my  name for about two hours!!  She has some stamina!
Little Gabbi really didn't want Ellie in there with her anyway.  She said, "Ellie touched me."  Already starting!! 
Emma and Heather came over in their homemade masks of flour, water, and lotion.  I am SURE that it is going to work miracles for their skin!
And this is where Ellie is so strongly influenced.
Finally, a reminder for how to be livng today.  And THAT, my friends, was a RANDOM post!!
I appreciate all the feedback and took a ton of photos yesterday from the office.  I will be loading those puppies up this weekend, so get ready for some of your suggested posts! 



Zhohn said...

You said your bloodwork was fine but I've been losing my hair this past year, just finding out it's a thyroid thing!
Aww ...I'm not against a communal bed, I think it is so sweet!
Can't wait to see more pics of any and everything.
Y'all decorating for LSU football yet??

Bj said...

Mo, look on Andrew Lessman's vitamins...he has one called "Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails" is great. I have very thin hair and I could actually see new growth after a few weeks on these....and my fingernails, well, let's just say that I could drive "nails" with them. His vitamins are all colors, no additives, no fillers, etc. Check him out....hugs, BJ

Shannon said...

As I'm sure you have heard, but to chime in. When my hair seemed to be falling out more than usual it was because of my thyroid was low or high I can't remember? Just know that I am not on meds for the rest of my life, but thyroid is back in check oh and I'm not falling asleep standing up anymore!! :)
Have a nice weekend!

Pepper said...

My hair has always fallen out. If you find out anything, let me know. I would love to see more post about Staci and her family. I miss hearing about her.

SamC said...

I started taking Biotin before I got my lap band in June 2010 (I am down 95 pounds!). That is what the doctor recommended I take because hair loss can hapeen when you have biatric surgery. I have not had a problem with hair loss.

GAL said...

I am constantly picking hair off of or cleaning it out of things! My bloodwork was normal as well *sigh*. On a side note: I love your necklace.

Lakeville Vertical said...

Found this info for you. I used to have low iron prior to hysterectomy at age 31 and my hair fell out in batches. I have extremely thick hair so it wasn't that noticeable to look at me but my hair stylist could tell and also the clumps I would brush out was noticeable. "Firstly, only about 10% of ingested iron is absorbed into the blood each day, and this is dependent on the type of food in the diet. Certain foods may inhibit the absorption of iron, such as tanins found in tea and coffee, also bran and egg albumin. Whereas other foods may be enhance the absorption of iron, i.e. vitamin C, alcohol, and flesh foods. In general you can loose iron by: intestinal bleeding, excessive menstrual bleeding, poor digestion, long-term illness, ulcers, and heavy use of anti-acids." I used to take my vitamins daily with a glass of orange juice. It's helps them absorb better. Hope this helps. :)

snekcip said...

You got a some great advice above. I'm gonna lean towards THYROIDS. You may wanna have your doctor check. I know my thyroid problem was discovered by a retired nurse at church. She said "my neck" was a tale-tale sign! IDK what she saw...but i made a doctor appt the next day. Test revealed it was REALLY awful. I had radiotherapy and after several years of modifications of meds, this is the FIRST YEAR that I actually have great test results! Of course we aren't experts only speaking of similar experiences. Hope you find out the reason behind the "hair loss". You've got several avenues to inspect.

Well our "communal bed" has one less "community member". Bre is head over heels in love w/her NEW ROOM. Purple and Lime were her colors of choice and she couldn't be happier to acquire her sisters room. I will admit "some nights" she gets a little antsy and will call out to us after storytime. I will go back in and reassure her that "we are just in the next room". Most times, she drift off after the "assurance" and other times she needs "a little more MOMMY TIME". All in all...she is transitioning really well. Ellie will come into her own. Just watch and see. Wishing you guys a great weekend!

snekcip said...

PS I had to look REAL HARD at the picture b/c at first....I thought that was the "sticky lint roller" w/your hair stuck on it! I was like " wonder it's coming out!! She is rolling a LINT ROLLER all over her head!!!!! :D

Angie R. said...

I am losing my hair too!! Drives me crazy!!

Beth E. said...

I'm losing my hair, as well. Just had blood panel done for my checkup, and all was normal.

Let me know if you find something that works!

Julie said...

Did they check your thyroid levels? I just found out I have hypothyroidism and Lyme Disease. It has taken a toll on my hair!!

MaryH said...

I was thinking thyroid also - a friend had the same problem and that is what it turned out to be. Love the bed cuddling photos - miss those days with my girls - especially love Gabbi and her snuggles with the weiner dogs.