Saturday, July 7, 2012

More buckteeth pics. Can you believe it?

Poor ol Gabbi Girl got left out of the last set of buckteeth pics.   And we wouldn't want her to grow up and blame all her craziness on her mama because of that time when she was three and I left her out of a set of pictures, now would we?!  Let me make it right!!
Wait... THIS ONE has to get in front of the camera at all costs.
And then Gabbi Girl gave it a try..  Poor ol girl... keep trying, Gabs.  And yes, those are the same nasty teeth.  WHat's a mama to do?! 
I'm sure it wasn't the worst germs they got that day!   Hey, Gabs... that's a little better!

I was telling her to make her "mean face".
So, now we are all equal and all will be right with the world.
I'm glad I redeemed myself. 
Y'all have a happy Saturday! 



Debbie Dankelson said...

Okay...that 1st picture of Ellie by herself has got to be enlarged or scrapbooked or something. The girls are adorable and this post made me literally LOL!!!

Zhohn said...

They are so cute! Buck teeth and all ;))

Bj said...

Too cute...there is never a dull moment in your! I LOVE IT! Huggers, BJ