Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vote for me.

Alright lovely lovelies...

I need a favor. For the fourth year in a row, Melanie Massey Physical Therapy has been nominated for The Best of the Delta.   An area news magazine puts on this contest every year, and has varying categories.  We are nominated for Best Therapy Clinic.  And I have seen many folks politicking on Facebook.  I decided to go to about 1000 of my best friends, here at my blog.  So, I am counting on you!!  Here's the link....

And here's what you do... you click on the above.  I had to scroll to the very bottom of the home page and found a round button that said, "Best of the Delta".  And then, you log in with your email, if my memory serves me correctly.  You have to vote on about 15 (I think) categories for the ONE that you really care about to get registered.  So, I am going to tell you about a few of my faves... you will recognize some from the blog likely.  You can either print out this list prior to voting, try and recognize some from memory after studying this list, or write them down so you'll have at least 15 to vote on! 

Best Nail Salon...Natural Nails (gotta love that they have a kids' sized chair!!)
Best Waxing.... Headquarters  (not from experience, but her husband is a PT at my clinic!!)
Best Breakfast... The Coffee Bean (my friend and fellow adoptive mama!)
Also Best Coffee House, please!
Best Buffet... Johnny's Pizza (Jake's favorite!!)
Best Gumbo.... The Mohawk Restaurant. (Richard D is the owner and a good friend)
Best Outdoor dining... Waterfront Grill.  (They always fully accomodate my friend, Sam in his w/c)
Best Pizza... Going with Johnny's again.  (Got your back, Jake!)
Best Po-Boy... Magic Grill  (good buds who donated at Shake for Jake)
Best Beer Selection... Enoch's.  (I'm told.  Not really a beer drinker.)
Best Bloody Mary... the Airport Lounge (take my word on that one!)
Best Place for Live Music.. Hob Nob (It's where the MMPT crew gathers for our Fri "staff mtgs"!)
Best Place to take a first date... Warehouse (That is where Todd and I had our rehearsal dinner!)
Best Home Decor... Paul Michael  (Trust me on this one.  If  you like my house, you like PM!)
Best HVAC... Bell Heating and Cooling... just good friends.  And I think Denise reads my blog?!
Best Landscaper... NorthPro... I don't know these guys, but Tommy Neck seems to work hard.  ANd that wins in my book!
Best Speciatly Furniture... Again... Paul Michael.
Best TV Sports Anchor... Gene Ponti... he serves on the JOR Board.  So, I love him. 
Best Children's Shoppe... Spoiled Rotten.  Staci's old store, so  am a bit partial to it!
Best Computer Repair... Wintersmith... the fix MMPT's stuff.
Best Florist... Vee's Flowers... She helped with my wedding.
Best Jewelry Store... Hollis & Co... got my FAVORITE gift ever there... for my 40th bday!
Best Pharmacy...Mason's... locally owned and my personal pharmacy!
Best Wedding Registry... The Trenton House... LOVE them for their convenience.  Wrapped and ready when I show up!
Best Western Wear... J&H Boots and Jeans  (other good ones here too, but I've known these ladies forever!)
Best Women's Clothing... Herringstone's
 Best Accountant... Tashia Hines with Cameron Hnes and Hart. ( you KNOW Tashia!)
Best Orthodontist... Caples and Robinson.... FUN, creative, and hip.
Best Photographer... Albritton Photography... my friend.  Did my babies' pics!

And finally...
BEST PHYSICAL THERAPY CLINIC... Melanie Massey Physical Therapy... YAYYY!!!

Best Travel Agency... Monroe Travel.. Diane helped T and I book our honeymoon.
Best Vet Clinic... Cooper Vet... friends since high school.
Best Dance School... Linda Lavendar School of Dance... but you KNEW that!
Best Golf Course... I'll let you pick... Southern Pines or Squire Creek.
Best Place to take gymnastics... Totally Tumbling.  Ellie's friend, Josie's mom!!

And that concludes our tour!!
If you read my blog and have a different opinion or want to add something... add in the comments section.  I didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but I know most of my bloggers are not local folks and would have no idea how to vote.  Just make sure you get that Physical Therapy clinic in there... then push DONE!! 

Thanks to you all!! 



Debbie said...

Just voted for you!! Yay

Zhohn said...

Going vote! I remember reading about Johnny's...miss you Jake!!! We should all be able to recognize Tashia, Waterfront Grill, Hob Nob (saw recently on fb!), Spoiled Rotten and of course Linda Lavender School of Dance!

Best of luck!

Christy said...

Just voted!!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Ok. So there's three. Thanks, Debbie, Zhohn, and Christy! Let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you!! And the rest of you... come on, peeps!

Amy K said...

Voting complete!

Lisa said...

Voted too!

Kaye Cannon said...

Best Massage Therapist: Candi Sparks at Rain Salon and Day SPA. just saying. She is my friend and personal favorite. I take her on vacation with me and she even does house calls. AWESOME!! Sweet young lady too.

Kaye Cannon said...

Voted for you last week Mel. You knew you had my vote.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Ok, did everyone see Kaye's massage therapist? And thanks, Kaye!

Donna said...

Just voted!

Gwen said...

I voted from up here in Fort Smith, Arkansas!

Ness said...

You CAN'T know how much I love you to endure a SURVEY!!!! Except for your business, I just let my mind go with what appealed to me and I matched with quite a few of yours. Not bad for a girl in IL who was in GA last week but didn't find her way to LA. You owe me....a meetup in December for the St. Jude's marathon.

Mary said...

Voting as soon as I finish this comment. Again, I'm baffled...."Stacys old store"? Doesn't live next door anymore? Where in the world is Stacy?????

Marie said...

I voted!

Beverly said...

I voted for you and all your peeps.

Kimmy said...

Hope GA votes count!!!

Kathryn said...

Did it!

j ogea said...

I voted too .....and feel like Mary.... What's going on with Stacy these days????

Mama J said...

Mama J voted are really loved...hate surveys..but anything for youse...!

Maggie said...

Votes from the northeast! Of course I would have been able to pick out Linda Lavender's and Spoiled rotten, and was happy to take your word on the rest. I loved that you gave a little blurb for each one, so I got a taste of who I was voting for (they are hard workers, helped todd and me out with wedding, etc.) It was fun. Good luck!
Now I also really want to go out to eat. Dang.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you... I appreciate you all!

Amy said...

Thanks for the list. I'm interested too....Staci's old store? How is her family?

Ginny D. said...

Just voted!

Susan said...

Just voted!

Unknown said...

I was going to vote for urgent care in milpitas but you got my vote too! Goodluck!