Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just inspire me

As I am sifting through the many, many, many pics from the ol' phone, I am finding the most random things!!  And as I try to organize them into folders to keep them organized (yes I do that with ALL of my pics.  I have a very organized photo system... can you BELIEVE that?!!)  Anyway, I decided to make a folder called, "Inspiration" for these pics.

They are so random!! For instance, this one is a onesie that one my patients was wearing to therapy.  I liked the ballerina sillhouettes and snapped a close up so I could use them in a potential canvas.
For some reason I took a picture of a small sampling of the types of leadership books I like to read.... 95% of them by John C. Maxwell.  I'll be attending his leadership training program (certification program) in August in West Palm Beach, FL.  But I digress.
This is the book from which I get a lot of my questions I ask from time to time.  I LOVE to "learn" more about myself with this daily Q and A.  I got this book from Urban Outfitters.
And omg... how WASHI TAPE inspires me?!!  I L.O.V.E. washi tape!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!
These spritzy inks are cool too.  If you have ever been to one of my retreats, you KNOW how many things can be done with this essential.
Especially if you have a few of these stencils!!
And Jake, out here in my beloved garden, also totally inspires me.
Look at that spider in his eye.  I kinda thought it was cool looking.  Life.
I was piddling at my dad's old shed, where he hoards as much junk as I tend to do, and I found all these discarded letters from old signage.  I snatched these for my cousin, Drew, and his wife, Jennifer, to use in their new nursery.
And then, lately, I love anything chevron!  I ordered these bags from Groop Dealz.  You signed up for these online deals?  Should be!! I love the daily sales they have.
On the way back from the beach, I noticed that Jake was right there with us.
Once again, I am reading my main man, John, about the importance of all kinds of thinking for leaders and for a successful business in general.
And where else would you put a photo of scarves you find at the local Dollar Tree?!  Of course, that was an "inspiration"!!
And everything about Dirt Cheap inspires me.  I know this would totally stress some people out.  But I LOVE the challenge of sifting through junk to find some awesome deals!
And lastly, for today, is this book title. I just totally loved the cut out letters.  I wanna do something similar on a canvas or on my new MMPT website. I'll let you know when that is ready to launch.  Soon, very soon!!
Oh, and it is time for voting for BEST OF THE DELTA.  We have won it the last three years.  I am about to list my suggestions for all the categories, and ask for all of you to vote for MMPT for best therapy clinic.  So, if you're local and have a preference in a particular category, let me know and I'll give a shout out for that too....



Nana said...

I would love some suggestions for voting. I always vote on the ones I know, but some things are new since we moved... I KNOW to vote for MMPT.. Still reading the blogs everyday... Knew Dee would make it when she got back to WM... Girls are darling!!

Zhohn said...

Good luck with Best of the Delta.

I just signed up for groop dealz...I spotted something im going order ;) thanks for sharing!

Amy K said...

All of your Artsy Fartsy stuff inspires me. I'm right there with you on the Washi Tape...can't get enough of that stuff!
Fun post. Best wishes on the Best of the Delta again this year!

Unknown said...

I've been a loooong time reader of your blog, just never comment!!! Decided to change that as of today. Just wanted you to know that I LOVE your blog, your daily pictures, your two adorable precious girls and mainly your personality that shines through in everything you write. LOVE how you're passionate about soo many different things. Just a short note to say keep up the great work!!

Debbie Dankelson said...


It's Debbie Dank :) I love this post but my comment is completely off topic!! Our family is addicted to Duck Dynasty and realized last night that this family is in your neck of the woods. Do you know them?!?