Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Makeover by Madi

Continuing in the theme of iPhone pics... here we have a tea party with our favorite cousin, Madi!
Kimie has handpainted both of the girls their own china teaset.  Gabbi took hers to daycare  one day.  I know. I know... but she begged.  And Kimie assured me that I was to let her play with it, and shoudl there be an accident, she'd replace it.  And she held true to her word.
Apparently there was a little makeover time prior to the tea party.
It appeared to get pretty in depth. Madi was the primary make up artist.
Ellie was the primary make up-eee.
Then Gabs got into the action with the big girls. 
Look at Ellie... she is so content to just sit and let this take place.  I am afraid I am going to have a diva on my hands one day.  She LOVES to let others dote on her.  Loves to go get a "pedicure" or "let the Chinese paint her toenails" (thanks, Mary Allison for that one!). 
Well, helllooooo, Gabbi Girl!
Looks like it was a pretty successful makeover/ tea party day.
And for those of you who follow me on instagram *melaniemomom, you have already seen this one.  Dontcha LOVE what Instagram does to an ordinarty picture?!  I love cool apps!


Zhohn said...

They're so cute. True little girls, tea and make up! Madi looked pretty serious ;)

Amy K said...

Love it! Sweet times with all 3 of them together.

Riley said...

Oh Ellie Sue - the Chinese comment had me laughing!

Renee said...

I'm slowly learning the instagram "stuff". Love how they seem to be concentrating and getting it just right.