Tuesday, July 3, 2012

iPhone pics of Ellie Sue

 These are random pics I found on my iphone of Ellie Sue.  First, we have Ellie posing with her Bumpit.  She was pretty fired up to get one of these.  But not as excited as she was to pose with my upside down bra on.
 Likely a self portrait.
 And a mama/ oldest girl day at the Mexican restaurant.
 Cute posing.
 Duck lip pose with my girl in her hippie phase.
 I LOVE how she looked in her headband.
 and her hair is pretty etheral too.
 Since it was on my iphone... I was able to crop it and add filters through my el favorito, Instagram.

 and I can even add little sparkles too, with my other photo apps.
 This is Ellie and big girls hanging out on a weekend.  She's in her element.
 Then, she said, "You HAVE to get me this outfit" when dressing her paper dolls.
 And last but not least... a new use for golf balls. 
Lord, give me strength!!



Zhohn said...

Haha! That girl is funny! The last picture is priceless! Thumbs up while 'wearing' your bra.
I love the first pic of the hippie Ellie, beautiful. She's a mini Mary Allison in that pic.

I'll be praying for you, Mo! ;)

Riley said...

Oh golf balls...next it will be water balloons!

Amy K said...

As I was reading I thought the picture with her fingers in her nose was hilarious...that was until I got to the golf balls. Oh my Ellie is definitely gonna keep her mama on her toes! Love it!

Belinda said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Renee said...

Fun times in your future with that girlie! She will keep you on your toes.

Mary said...

Love the "bump it". You have to post a picture with that one on!